World Noob Games: World’s No 1 Noob Game Name 2022


WORLD NOOB GAMES: World’s No 1 Noob Game Name 2022


In this topic we will reveal some world noob game names. We have only presented our thoughts to all of you. It may change in your case. Because everyone’s choice may be different.But the games we have named are really World noob games which anyone can play.


Let Us Explains First What Exactly is World Noob Game Means. Noob means newbie or newcomer in any field,and world noob game refer as who plays a game for the 1st time without any experience. This term is applicable for every new player even me who started to play a smartphone game for the 1st time. Please don’t take it so seriously, and don’t be an angry bird. World noob game is similar to a kind of easy type game.If you are curious about the popular world noob game or world no 1 noob game you need to slip some tea and enjoy the post till it ends.


What Are World Noob Games Or World No 1 Noob Games??

Those who are Wondering about what is world noob game is or the world no 1 noob game. We try to cover each and every point. We all know that PC and console game graphics are comparatively much higher than mobile gaming. But whatever we say, mobile gaming is trending right now.PUBG, FORTNITE, CODM are more popular for their massive fanbase. Just imagine where the mobile gaming industry was 5-10 years ago and where it is right now. We like to play easy ie mean world noob game or world no 1 noob game without investing too much effort.

world noob game

List of World Noob Games

  • Free Fire
  • Ludo King
  • Temple Run
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Badland
  • Leos Fortune

Facts About World NOOB Games

World noob game refers to an easy game that anyone can play. We may never have imagined that we would be able to play PC games on the smartphone with the same level of detail. It’s happening though. In the beginning, all games are kind of noob games. We all love to play games no matter what age we are. Nowadays the game means PUBG, FORTNITE, CODM but before that, it was Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga. The graphics of today’s popular games are high but the gameplay is much complex and these aren’t a world noob game either. When a newcomer plays the game for the first time, as a beginner these games seem difficult to him. There is a lot of world noob games in the world.

Mobile phones are one of the important things we touch the most daily. That’s why we can call it pocket gaming rather than mobile gaming. We used to play some games when we were a kid. Like Ludo, carrom, well let’s not talk about these games, you must have played outdoor games like cricket and football but in today’s world of gadgets like laptops, mobiles, our gaming needs have changed completely. Because today we can easily play all these indoor games on mobile.

Today we will talk about some of the games which are also called the world noob game. Because playing these world noob game is as fun as it is simple games. And all these games can be easily played by people of any age. You won’t feel bored while playing these world noob games.



Why did Free Fire call as world no 1 noob game in the world or no 1 noob game in the world?

Here are close reasons for this world no 1 noob game in the world facts.
FREE FIRE ie the world no 1 noob game in the world that has crazy fans all over the world today. The fans of the gamers have increased so much that there was a time when everyone could be seen playing this game. Once I was a big fan of this world noob game or world no 1 noob game.

no1 noob game

Many of you played this no 1 noob game already, if you haven’t played then after reading this post you will become interested in playing the world’s most noob game. Brazil, India, and Indonesia have the most fans of this noob game, and there are many die-hard fans of this noob game in the world. Free fire every day gains too many noob players. They just install the India noob and play. But ff don’t need skills to play. So a newbie needs free time to play this world’s no 1 best noob game in the world.


Apart from the world no 1 noob game, Free Fire is a Battle Royale game. You all know that if you don’t know what the Battle Royale game is, then listen. Battle Royal Game is an online multiplayer video game genre. Free Fire, count as the best world no 1 noob game.

Where the only goal of 50 players is to survive till the end, and the player who survives the very end will be the winner. The main reason why the Battle Royale game is famous is because of PUBG PC, but there was no Battle Royale game in the mobile version, that’s why the Garena Company allows us to play this game within seven months. The game became so popular that it won the Best Popular Game of the Year award in 2019. Truly Free Fire is world no 1 Noob Game In The World.

Why FREE FIRE is suitable for World Noob Game?

In the World noob game post, here are some close reasons we have gathered that make this game playable for newcomers. Which makes this world no 1 noob game in the world.

World NO 1 NOOB GAME Free Fire Can Run On Low-End Devices

This world 1 noob game can run very well on a 1GB RAM phone even without a lag. Everyone has a mobile phone, only the specification is different, some has 4GB RAM, some has 4GB RAM and some has 2GB RAM, some have a higher processor, some has less CPU. The popularity of PUBG is more compared to Free Fire but still, Free Fire has been downloaded a lot more from PUBG, And this game can run smoothly with less RAM on phones which has much less CPU. This can be the main reason for the world no 1 noob game or the best noob game in the world.

World No 1 NOOB GAME Free Fire Has Better Understanding Graphics

We’ve been hearing from a young age, the better the graphics of the game, the more fun it is to play the game. This idea is completely wrong, if we talk about Pubg, then the graphic of this game can be adjusted according to the specifications of the mobile. The graphics in this game are a bit more realistic but for that, you need to have a powerful CPU and GPU. Freefire has been developed especially for low-end devices. It’s one of the most genuine reasons for the best noob game in the world.

Not everyone can have an expensive Android or iPhone, but a normal Android phone is available to everyone these days. And the device doesn’t matter to play this 1 noob game. For this reason, we can play this game with high graphics on our low-end devices.

If you haven’t played PUBG or FREE FIRE yet, But if you want to play free fire as a newcomer, you can play effortlessly. If you have never played a game before, you will be able to play this game. You can easily understand the tactics of this game. Freefire’s graphics are KIND OF animated but not too bad, the decent graphics make it very easy to spot enemies.

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This World NOOB GAME needs Less Storage Capacity which makes this game so smoother

Battle Royale games are usually higher in size, the size of PUBG is more than 1.8 GB, but the size of the FREE FIRE is less than 500MB. This is why FREE FIRE is so different from the rest of the Battle Royale games. Despite being 400MB, FREE FIRE’s graphics are much better. Battery drain and heating are low due to low size and low graphics, due to which the lag is less. And if you are a newbie then you will have no problem while playing this game. This is also a great reason for the world’s best noob game in the world.

WORLD NO 1 NOOB GAME Free Fire is Less Time Killer

This World no 1 noob game is less Time Killer as Compared To Other Battle Royal games.PUBG and FREE FIRE, the concepts of these two games are almost similar. But in PUBG, where 100 players are in a match, in free fire, there are 50 players in a match. FREE FIRE’s map is much smaller in size than PUBG, where it takes you 30 minutes to play a whole match in PUBG, it will take you less than 15 minutes for a whole match in the free fire. As a new gamer, you will be able to play more matches in less time which will give you more satisfaction. That’s why you can play this world no 1 noob game or best world noob game in the world.

WORLD No1 NOOB GAME Free Fire Gaming Mechanism

FREE FIRE ability-based game, as we have said before that PUBG is a realistic game not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of game mechanism and physics. Since PUBG is a realistic game, it may take you a while to master the movement, gun recoil, shooting strategy. There is no gun recoil in FREE FIRE, so it will not be difficult to kill your enemies here. Aiming is kind of easy in this game, if you want to master this best noob game you can do it very easily. That’s why we mention this game as the best noob game in the world

Final Conclution About World No 1 Noob Game

No doubt, Free Fire is a better world no 1 noob game it’s not just that we accept it, everyone says so. So, Our strong suggestion is that you can play this world no 1 noob game as a new gamer. 

World Noob Game

Ludo King

Basic Of This Game

Apart from the world noob game, it is a board game that can be played by two to four players simultaneously. Here we have to throw a single dice and the whole game is to be played based on the number of these dice. Ludo has four color boards and each board has 4 sub-pieces. And the first color that each board has is the starting point. And the game is played in a clockwise direction. The one who can bring home all the colors first will be the winner. That was the basics of this world noob game.

Ludo king world noob game
Why Ludo King Is The Most Popular WORLD NOOB Game?

Ludo is a game that reminds us of our childhood memories. Before the age of smartphones, we used to play Ludo with our friends or our family members. Over time, as technology advances, the game loses its relevance. And for a moment, the Ludo game seemed to disappear. And there is a quote that the “earth is spinning” and History repeats itself.

Something similar happened with Ludo. Corona and the lockdown caused millions of people to be housebound, To spend time in this situation, we all started playing Ludo with our family again. In this way, the popularity of the Ludo game continues to spread.

The main reason for Ludo King’s success is that it brings back our childhood memories, And that’s why we love this game so much. Also one of the advantages of this game is that we can play this game with friends or relatives who are millions of miles away.

This is a game that is as popular as games like PUBG, Temple Run, Subway Surfer. This game has the ability to beat the rest of the games. And this game has more than ten million downloads. The name of the person who created this game is Vikash Jaiswal, whose company name is Gametion.

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World Noob Game: History Of Ludo

If we talk about the history of this world noob game, then this game does not belong to today’s game, it is an old game almost a thousand years ago, there is a history behind it. Let’s discuss what that history is. This game has its history associated with ancient India. Ludo is a Latin word, meaning “I play”. This game is popular in many countries, with different names. In India, this game is known as “Pachisi”.

In fact, if we know the Mahabharata, then we must have heard its name in this game, in mythological epics, the Pandavas bet Draupadi on gambling. At that time Ludo was known as “Pachisi” or “Chopad”. Ludo is the reason for the battle of Mahabharata. The British later shaped the dice used into a cube. Later in England, the game was patterned as Ludo. That was the history of this world noob game.

World Noob Game

Temple Run

There are many reasons why we call this game the world no1 noob game. This is an offline single-player running action game. The concept of this game is very straightforward, you have to steal idols and run away so that the monsters can’t catch you. These monsters are actually the civilization there.

world no 1 noob game

If you play this world no 1 noob game you will know that there is no end to this game. The idol will slip out of your hands if you push or fall from above. And the monster will return to the temple with that idol. And again he can’t control his greed and when he goes to the temple and steals the idol again, the demons run after him again. so the game is called temple run. And that’s how the cycle continues.

Imangi Studios released the game on August 4, 2011. This game is very easy to play. If you have not played this game then you will be able to play this game easily as a newbie. The concept of the game is very simple. You have to collect coins by Moving or jumping left or right side Without getting hit by any obstacle. This world no 1 noob game has a massive fanbase.

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World Noob Game: History Behind This Game

We can know about the history of this game by playing Temple Run 2. Temple Run 2 is a sequence of Temple Run. In Temple Run 2 we will find out why these monsters protect the idol. Many years ago there was an Ancient Civilization, they built this temple.

They all became victims of an epidemic that had no medicine. But the people of civilization come up with a remedy, due to which the leader of civilization did not die but was transformed into a monster.

These are the monsters that are seen chasing Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Their idea is that the idols in this temple are gifts from the gods. Their purpose was to protect these statues. The name of this temple is Aztec Temple. That was the history of this world no 1 noob game.

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World NOOB GAME: Fruit Ninja

When we were the first Android users, PUBG, FORTNITE, CODM these games did not exist at the time. At that time the simple game or this kind of noob game was much popular, One of the most popular games of that time was Fruit Ninja. This world noob game is so popular that it has more than 500 million downloads.

The game was developed by Halfbrik Studio Profits, which is an Australian company. April 10, 2010, The game was first launched for the iPhone, and later released for Android.

noob game
History About This World Most Noob Game

Let’s discuss the history of this world no 1 noob game is. There is a reason behind the release of this game. The founder of this Fruit ninja game is Saniel Dio, Who once traveled to Japan with his family. And there were fairs in Japan where traditional ninja games were played. Where there was a competition between the ninjas, In this competition Fruits were thrown at the ninjas, and they would have to cut those fruits to take points. And those who got the most points were given katana[Ninja Sword] as a gift.

Because it was traditional, outsiders could not participate in the competition except locals. Saniel Dio was later inspired by the game and released a game later, the game became known as Fruit Ninja.

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World Noob Game: Badland

Actually, this game was released around 8 years ago on the play store. Badland an award-winning action-adventure side-scrolling game that has amazing graphics. One of the simple world noob game on the list but the best game at the same time. You can enjoy the Game with awesome background scenery. The basic object of this game fly up and down and try to avoid obstacles just like temple runs. Badland also can be played among your friends up to 4 players. According to your preference, you can adjust your character size. 


World Noob Game Leos Fortune

The main purpose of the game is to collect coins and survive more than that. Recently a new update has come in the game, where the graphics of the game have been changed to HD. Those of you who have played this game can try playing this game one more time. We’re sure you’ll like it. We can see a lot of landscapes in the background of the game. Such as deserts, jungles, cities. Also has a lot of particle effects in the game. Which makes the visuals of the game more attractive. The overall gaming experience is very nice. If you are looking for a simple game then this game is for you.

World Noob Games

Here some extra world noob games, that you can try without any hesitations.

  • Angry Bird
  • Shadow Fightgter
  • Stickman Archer Onlone
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Bounce Classic
India Noob Games
  • Free Fire
  • Subway Surfers
  • Red Ball 4


These are some of the games that are very easy to play, and as a newcomer, you can play these world noob games very easily. So that’s why we have called these games a noob game in this post. Here, noob is not a noob of FREE FIRE or PUBG games. There is only one reason for us to call it a noob game, anyone and every newbie can play.

We are addicted to these types of popular games day by day. We have to do our work first then we can invest some time into games for relaxation. We have to remember one thing that as a student building our career is the 1st priority then games. I hope you understand my words.

FAQWorld Noob Game

Which game is the world no 1 noob game?

In my opinion, it’s Free Fire. There are thousands of reasons which prove it’s a world no 1 noob game.

Wold Noob Game Name In 2022

There are many more out on this list. But, we have counted in this list only those that are genuine world noob games.

Which is the Best Noob Game?

Of course, it’s Ludo King. If you have any suggestions you can comment below.

Who can play these world noob games?

Everyone, even these world noob games requires zero skills. You don’t need any extra skill to master these games.

Best noob game in India

We all know the name better than anyone else, it’s free fire.


Let me say again, by saying WORLD NOOB GAME Or WORLD NO 1 NOOB GAME in the world or best noob game, the purpose of writing this post is not to hurt anyone, and so please don’t spread hatred. is an educational based blog. All the post publised here are parts of education. So please take our post as an advice. Because in simple language noob means newbie or newcomer. When a huge number of newbie plays same game for fun then those games are called world best noob game. We hope we have been able to provide you with accurate information in this post.

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