V Badge Free Fire- How To Join Free Fire Partner Program And Get V Badge In Free Fire


Welcome, all of you to Source Guruji. Today we will discuss how you can get the V Badge Free Fire title on your game ID. You need to read our entire article to get the V Badge title. There are two common ways you can use V Badge in your free fire account. One type of V Badge is shown below the profile and another type of V Badge we can put on the banner of our profile. We’ll tell you how you can add V Badge to your profile as well as the procedures of joining the free fire partner program.If you looking for free fire free diamond go ahead and read about Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 Generator.

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What I covered About V Badge?

  • What is V Badge
  • V Badge Free Fire Benefits
  • Free Fire Partner program
    • 5 Benefits of Free Fire Partner Programs
    • How to join Free Fire Partner Program
  • Types Of V Badge In Free Fire Game
  • V Badge Free Fire copy
    • Free Fire V badge code

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What is V Badge?

V Badge means verified Badge, we all know that. And we all respect V Badge players enough. This is because the V Badge is a rear title available in-game. If you go to your friend’s profiles, you will see that many of them have already equipped V Badge titles. And many of you want to have V Badge title too. We’ll tell you how you can obtain V Badge title but before that let us tell you some information.


The V Badge is not called V Badge until a few years ago. If you are an old free fire player then you must know that the V Badge used to be called Streammer Badge. As you can guess from the name of the Badge, this Badge was given to those who were previously content creators on YouTube for free fire games. V Badge was given not only to YouTubers but also to those who uploaded free fire-related videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You know how important and valuable the V Badge is now.

V badge
V badge in free fire image

Now you may be wondering to whom the V Badge is given. Basically, V Badge was given to those who make free Fire game content, it could be on YouTube, it could be on Facebook or it could be on Instagram. Garena takes them to their free fire partner program. Or when you qualify for their partner program you will receive a form from Garena that you just need to fill out and submit, and if all the criteria are correct they will accept the form you provide and take you to the Free Fire Partner program after which you can add the official V Badge to your account.

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V Badge Free Fire Benefits

V Badge is a very popular Badge in the free fire game. Then surely there are some benefits to having a V Badge. Do many people ask if we get unlimited diamonds if we have V Badge? Or can we become a pro player in the Free Fire if we have a V Badge? V Badge is usually offered to verified users.

When V Badge players create a custom, the custom name precedes V, and the looks of the custom change a lot. We all have a lot of respect for V Badge players. When a V Badge player kills an enemy, a V is placed before his name in Killfeed. While there are many benefits to having a V Badge title, those who have a V Badge do not get Unlimited Diamonds.

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V badge
V badge image

5 Benefits of Free Fire Partner Programs

There are many benefits to joining FreeFire Partner Program. You will also get many free fire rewards. Suppose you are a famous YouTuber and you have joined Free Fire Partner Program then you will get the following benefits.

  • Free Custom and Free Diamonds

YouTubers who are part of the Free Fire Partner Program receive lots of free diamonds and free custom cards each month. So they don’t have to spend any money to buy diamonds. These free diamonds are usually obtained from Garena.

  • Exclusive FF Rewards As Gift and Upcoming Updates

Many of you know that when the MP40 gun skin came along, those who were associated with the Free Fire Partner Program were given free mp40 skin. And many times the upcoming update is given to those who are in the partner program.

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  • Free Fire Advance Server

You all know what an advanced server is. For those who are the creators of the Free Fire Partnership Program, Garena offers them the opportunity to play Advanced Server for free.

V badge
V badge image
  • V Badge

Garena gives a special Badge to all the content creators in the Free Fire Partner Program so that everyone understands that they are the part of Free Fire Partner Program. at first given the steamer Badge, now known as the V Badge.

  • Giveaway Gift

Garena offers giveaway rewards for gifting content creators. Maybe you don’t know it. But it is true. This means that the giveaway that YouTubers give to their subscribers is actually given by Garena itself.

How To Join Free Fire Partner Program

To join the Free Fire Partner Program, they have a number of criteria, some of which are important criteria we have shared with you below

V badge
V badge in free fire
  • At least 100000 Youtube Subscriber.
  • 80 % Free Fire Content in last one month.
  • 300k total channel view in last 30 days
  • Non-offensive and engaging content.
  • Submit this form and wait till they accept.

Types Of V Badge In Free Fire Game

Usually, There are two types of V Badges you can equip in your account. , one is the Avatar V Badge and the other is the Signature V Badge.


V Badge Code Free Fire copy

The process of taking the Signature V Badge is kind of simple. This is usually a normal V Badge which you can get this using v Badge free fire copy method. Anyone can add this Badge to their profile We have given you a code below this post, all you have to do is copy the code. And then we’ll share with you how you can equip this Badge. Here’s only you need to follow what we say.

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Free Fire V Badge Code

In order to achieve the v badge in you free fire account you have to use the free fire v badge code. Here is the simple steps how you can use the free fire v badge code.

  • First, open the game and login on your account if log out.
  • After log in to the game you need to go to your own profile.
  • Once you go to your profile, you will see an edit opion right next to your name.
  • There you will see the signature edit.
  • By clicking on the edit option will give you the option to edit your name.
  • If you want, you can put V Badge before your name or after your name, choise is your.
  • If you want to put V Badge next to the name, you have to copy the code given by us and paste it before or after the name.
  • After pasting the code and saving it, you will get V Badge title in your profile.
free fire V Badge code : [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[FF0000]


You can take the V Badge by following the above procedure. But most of the players have this V Badge. This means that if you want to take the real V Badge, you have to join Free Fire Partner Program. The V Badge officially given by Garena is a very valuable Badge. If you bother to take this Badge, you will understand its value. Only a handful of Free Fire players have this Badge . That will set you apart from the rest of the players. You can get a V Badge with free fire v Badge code. But you have to work hard for the Avatar V Badge.

And if you go to any link to get the V Badge then I would say it is completely fake. It is foolish to go there and give ID and password. Your ID may be hacked. And listen to the fact that if your ID is hacked, it will be difficult for you to recover the ID. Because it’s your fault. So be careful and if you really want to take V Badge then hard work is very necessary.

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