Upwork is the right place for a new freelancer?

Obviously, Upwork is the best freelancing site for a new freelancer. It’s one of the best online earning sites. I personally work there for almost 5 years. At that time I’ve earned a lot of knowledge. So I’m going to share my experiences with you and I know this will be helpful for you and if you follow my words then you’ll definitely get a good amount of projects on Upwork.

Before submitting a proposal on Upwork you should remember 2 vital things

1. Your profile is 100% completed and availability is more than 30 hrs per week if your profile is not 100 % completed then don’t send a proposal to your client because your client will think that you’re not a professional so 0% chance to get a job. 

Upwork availability

2. You need a very good showcase of your talent, I mean the portfolio of your work. Experience is important but if you don’t have any experience then don’t worry because talent or knowledge is more important than experience. Suppose you’ve good talent in graphics design so design high quality of graphics like character design, abstract design, floral design etc and place it in the portfolio section 

Upwork portfolio

but it would be more effective if you send a link of your portfolio as an example if you make a pdf format of your portfolio and upload to google drive then you can share your G drive link to your client in the proposal or you can sign up to Behance to showcase your portfolio work.


Now, I want to share some additional information which can boost your profile in front of a client…….

Don’t copy-paste your proposal. Understand your client’s project description. Never think as soon as you send the proposal to your client, the client will hire you instantly. Always remember the client is not a robot so take your time, write what you think about the project and send the proposal to your client.Only send a proposal to your client if you are 100% sure the work is 100% perfect for you.                 

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