Top 5 Best Custom ROM’s List For Android 2022


Android is a very popular operating system these days. The main reason for the popularity of Android is that it is open source and if anyone has knowledge of programming and coding, it is possible to create a modified operating system. Only lovers of custom ROM’s can understand how popular the custom ROM is.


As it is open-source Android, it is easy to customize, so there are many custom ROM’s on this platform. These ROM’s often help us customize our Android phones. As a result, we get benefits from using the latest features. These ROM’s can be easily modified and features can be added due to the modified version. However, in this case, the device must have a hardware and software connection.

top 5 best custom rom android

Custom ROM’s are not created by any manufacturing company, they are usually made by third-party developers. These ROM’s are created based on user usage. We all know that everyone’s choice is different. While some of us want more battery support on our phones and others want more performance, many like to use new features. In addition, many prefer to personalize the phone. With this in mind, developers often create custom ROM’s.

DISCLAIMER: Unlocking bootloader and installing a custom ROM is a bit of a complicated process and often requires to format system and data. This will void the warranty on the phone and often the device can be hard or soft brick. SourceGuruji is never responsible for any damage to your device. You are the one responsible for your phone. 

Why do we use Custom ROM on our Android Smartphone?

In today’s world of smartphones, we mostly use the Android operating system. Because it is very user-friendly and very easy to use. We use custom ROMs for many reasons. We describe some important reasons below.

  1. The first reason is that many of us have a very old phone but we have a lot of memories connected and we still use the phone. But when the user interface of the phone gets old, we feel very uncomfortable, so many people switch from stock ROM to custom ROM.
  2. The second reason is that it is very important to use a custom ROM for outdated phones. There are some smartphones that are outdated and manufacturing companies are giving priority to new phones, so we no longer receive software updates on phones. Third-party developers create and updated ROM’s based on the latest versions of Android so that the user experience is never going down. Despite being an old phone we have the advantage of using the latest version of Android.
  3. These Android ROM’s are built based on user usage. Many of us value the battery backup that our smartphones provide. But stock ROM’s are balanced, so we don’t have much battery backup there. However, it is much easier to expand the battery backup with the help of a custom ROM. Because all these ROM’s keep the CPU and GPU of our phone underclocked. It uses as much CPU core as needed.
  4. Those of you who use Stock ROM’s must have noticed that there are a lot of unnecessary applications installed on stock ROM’s. And many of us don’t use these apps. However, as a system application, it is difficult for a normal user to uninstall it. However, in the custom ROM, we get as many applications as we need pre-installed. As a result, we get more storage space to use. This is also one of the main reasons why custom ROM’s are used.
  5. It is important to many and not to others. Many of us like to play heavy games on the phone, such as Pubg, Genshin Impact. And many people buy smartphones to play games. The performance of the phone is good from the start, but after a few months, the phone’s performance decreases. And that disappoints us. However, the custom ROM increases the performance of our phones. I’m not talking about overclocking here. All these ROM’s keep the CPU and GPU frequency of our phone stable. That’s why wwe gets good FPS during gaming and the game does not lag while playing.

How To Install Custom ROM On Android 2022

The basics of installing a custom ROM are the same for almost all devices, only the method of unlocking the bootloader is different. If you have a bootloader unlocked on your phone, you can install these Android ROM by following the steps below.

Custom rom recovery


  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Custom recovery Installed, Eg. TWRP,OrangeFox,Pitchblack
  • Battery above 50%.
  • Custom file
    • First of all backup necessary data
    • Go to wipe-advance wipe- clear cache,delvik,system,vendor,data.
    • Navigate to Install and select file and install.
    • Flash add on (gapps, magisk, any other)
    • reboot device and enjoy.

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Top 5 Custom ROM List Android 2022

1.Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel Experience is based on AOSP ROM. And it is also called port ROM. This ROM is installed as stock on Google pixel devices. Although it is a port ROM, this ROM is sufficiently optimized and, bugless. Many of us love Google’s Stock Android. This ROM is for those who want to use Pure Stock Android. And you also get a decent amount of features.

Pixel-experience custom rom

The biggest advantage of this ROM is the camera. GCam comes pre-installed here. The ROM is very fluid and, although it is a port ROM, this ROM is available for all devices. And even though the Google ROM, there is no bloatware application installed here. RAM management and stability are quite good compared to other Custom ROM’s. And in daily use, we won’t feel any lags.

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2. Resurrection Remix

Many of you prefer stock  Android ROMs, and many think that it would be better if the phone had some additional features. That’s why I added this ROM to the list. It feels like the pixel ROM that is packed with tons of features. You can customize every UI element according to your needs.

best custom rom for android

RAM management is stable enough and there are no unnecessary applications installed. This will give us enough free space on the phone. And the most important factor is that it is a bug-free ROM. Like Lineage OS, this ROM community is wide enough.

3.Oxygen OS Port

Those of us who have used Oxygen OS know that Oxygen OS is the best of all ROMs. This operating system was previously installed by default only on OnePlus smartphones, yet only OnePlus phones have the official Oxygen OS installed. But now the popularity of custom ROMs is so great that Oxygen OS port ROMs are now available for most devices.

There are many reasons why Oxygen OS is so popular, such as the Oxygen OS user interface being simple and fast. In addition, Oxygen OS comes with less pre-installed applications, which means that we would not find any bloatware application on this ROM. The capabilities of this operating system are more unique than any other Custom ROM.

oxygen os custom rom

Some of the special features of Oxygen OS are Fanatic Mode, Zen mode. We also get the perfomance and feature of the Oxygen OS in all these port ROMs. There are no bugs in all these port ROMs. However, some port ROMs are buggy in silent mode. To do this, we need to download a third-party walkthrough app separately from the Play Store. Oxygen OS post ROM currently has Android Eleven ROM and twelve support for many devices.

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4. Corvus OS

Many of you may have heard the name Corvus OS, but many have not. Those who install a ROM to play games must have used this ROM at least once. This ROM was the first game ROM in the custom ROM community.

top 5 best custom rom for android

Another advantage of this ROM is the kernel. We need to install a custom kernel on other ROMs for extra performance, but this combination of ROM and kernel gives us good performance. In this ROM, we have the FPS tiles and the game mode pre-installed. If you want to use a best custom gaming ROM, you should definitely try this ROM.


5. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an android open-source project-based ROM. This AOSP ROM has many additional benefits. Such as RAM management, stability, and thermal profiles. This ROM is also known as the AEX ROM. We are often facing app crashes and random restarts on custom ROMs.

aex aosp extended custom rom android

However, since the AEX ROM is stable enough, you don’t have to face these problems. We don’t have many features in this ROM, but we do have a decent amount of features. And as a battery backup, we can easily get 8 to 9 hours on time. You won’t feel any lags in daily use.

FAQ About Top 5 Best Custom ROMs List For Android

  1. What Is Meant By Custom ROM?

    An Operating system modified version of ROM which is developed by third-party developer. There are many reasons to create a custom ROM. The purpose of creating ROMs is especially to improve the user experience.

  2. What is best custom ROM?

    All custom ROMs are the best. No specific ROM should be called the best one here, since custom ROMs are developed based on user usage. Therefore, the best custom ROMs depend on the user experience.

  3. Can I Use Custom ROM Without Root?

    It is possible to install a custom ROM without root. A custom recovery is required to install the custom ROM. However, there are some ROMs that have root installed by default.

  4. What Should I Backup Before Installing A Custom ROM?

    It is very important to make a backup before installing a custom ROM. First, you need to back up the internal storage, and then you need to back up the recovery, system, vendor, and installed applications

  5. How Can I Increase My Phones RAM?

    It is not possible to increase system memory because it is releated to hardware. However, if you use a Linux operating system, you will know that there is some virtual RAM available as a swap memory. Since the Android operating system is based on Linux, it is possible to add virtual RAM as a swap memory.

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