Why a logo design is too important?

Design a logo is very important because a logo is a symbol which directly identifies a brand. So we want to share the top 3 logo design softwares for your upcoming business. After struggling too much in the business race a brand establish its real identity. So the success of any business depends on a lot of factors.

From the starting of a business, a brand identity needed and that will be the unique visual identity, which can be recognised anywhere and the visual identity is called a logo.



Graphics design software allows users to design and manipulate computer images. We already know how important a logo is. so before starting a journey of a brand, a great visual identity required to showcase a brand and the visual identity can be created only by great graphic design software. This way we can understand how important a logo design software is.


What is the best software for logo design?

The numbers are more but we have described top 3 logo design doftware which are best in our experience. So in our list, the numbers are

1st software is Adobe Illustrator 

2nd software is Corel DRAW 

3rd software is Adobe photoshop

Now I’m telling you about the feature of all these software.


ILLUSTRATOR is a kind of vector-based software. This software is commonly used in print design, such as logo design, packing design, drawing illustrator. Business cards, posters can be designed with an illustrator. We can do all of this with photoshop, but illustrator is used a lot because photoshop is a raster-based software.


Illustrator is the only vector-making software available in the market with the most options and advanced tools available. Another great benefit of Illustrator is that it offers 3d design and the best graphics tools that are not found in any vector-based software. Besides, when we make a logo or an image in Illustrator, no matter how much we zoom in, the pixel remains the same.

  1. Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and its not suitable as a photo editor
  2. Best chosen software for logo design and monogram design.
  3. Its a non-photographic web element editor.
  4. You can scaled to any size and you will never lose the resolution.
  5. You’re able to create editable vector graphics.
  6. You can save your vector files as eps, ai, SVG, pdf and AIT format.
  7. You can also export your vector files directly to PNG , BMP, EMF, SWF, PCT, JEPG, PSD, TXT , TIF, DXF and TGA format

The monthly charge of this software is Rs 1420 (almost $19 per month)

CorelDRAW For Logo Design

Photo editing is usually divided into two parts, vector design, and raster design. And Coral Draw is a vector-based software. In vector graphics, mathematical formulas such as lines, curves are used to create images.

This is why no matter how much we zoom in on the images, the quality of those images never decreases. Some of the file formats of this software are CDR, EPS, PDF, and SVG, etc. Coral Draw is one of the most widely used vector software worldwide. We can make money by freelancing if we learn coral draw. Coral Draw is commonly used for making visiting cards, cover pages,pumplates, and banners.

  1. CorelDraw is also a vector graphics editor.
  2. It’s suitable for photo editing because it has photo editing tools.
  3. It’s also the best choice for logo design and any brand’s graphics design.
  4. Scaled to any size so you will never lose the resolution.
  5. It’s also used for large-format printing.
  6. In the engineering department, CorelDRAW is widely used for blueprint or diagram creating.

The full version of this software costs Rs 52000-57000 (Slightly different is the US currency, almost $550-$600)

Adobe Photoshop For Logo Design

Photoshop is basically s photo editing software, where we can edit photos in a variety of ways with the help of advanced tools, however, this depends totally on our skills. Some of the file formats of Photoshop are bitmap, JPG, PNG, and PDF, etc. Photoshop is commonly used to create creative and professional images.


If you think Photoshop is only used for creating and editing images, then this is not the case, Photoshop is used in multiple ways. Web designers also use Photoshop, they usually design the website layout in Photoshop and forward it to the client, if the client likes it, then the web designer designs the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

App Developers also use Photoshop, they first create the User Interface of that app in Photoshop and then develop the software. Moreover, the character design of 3D games is also made in Photoshop.

  1. Best software for photo and artwork design.
  2. It works as a raster photo editor so if you enlarge any photo then you will lose the resolution.
  3. You can create great logos but not comparable to Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  4. It widely used as a web graphics editor.
  5. No 1 software for creating mockups.
  6. You can also create animations by this software.
  7. Its also used as a UI editor and motion graphics editor.
  8. Special effect and color correction tools also present in this software

The monthly charge for this software is Rs 1420 (almost $19 per month)

A professional freelancer or a designer always uses the above tools. I hope you understand the importance of my post. Thanks for reading.

FAQ Top 3 Logo Design Software

  1. What is the best software for logo design?

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Coreldraw, and Adobe Photoshop are the top software to design a logo.

  2. Is Photoshop good for logo design?

    Designing a logo using photoshop isn't a bad choice but if you want more clear logo you should definitely use illustrator since it's a vector-based software. When it comes to professional logo design all designers prefer illustrator rather than photoshop.

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