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PUBG Mobile is a battle for a survival game. This game famous among all the games for its epic story, gameplay, and easy communication with friends.

PUBG MOBILE  was banned by the Indian government for security and privacy reasons on September 2, Wednesday 2020.

PUBG not coming
Player unknowns battle grounds

PUBG MOBILE is coming heard somewhere Right??

Some Rumer saying PUBG Mobile gonna unban in India. But the truth is finally PUBG going to relaunch in India announced by PUBG CORPORATION. PLAYER UNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE Tweeted “So After P U B G MOBILE BANNED in India we have decided to break our partnership with Tencent”.

 So, News confirms but do you know when it will launch in India The exact date ??

Besides, You also have a doubt that shall we get back our previous account back?? BLUE HOLE, the parent company of P U B G MOBILE. Officially announced: “end of 2020 a new P U B G mobile version releasing especially for Indian user”. Thus it’s a  new version so there might be some changes too.

P U B G and Microsoft are now the partnership. From now on all the data for Indian users will be store on a Microsoft Azure cloud server. This means all our data are secure now and we also able to transfer our previous data from the global version to the PUBG INDIA version thus there will be some time taking process.

PUBG MOBILE invested $100 million  (approximately Rs.743 crores) USD  to contribute to the Indian gaming, esports, and IT industries.

So the final question of the answer is when exactly P U B G INDIA will launch on the play store and AppStore. They have not confirmed the final date of relaunching it’s in the process of coming soon. But According to Tweet, We might get to see the end of the week of November. 

Expected new features OF PUBG MOBILE INDIA 

  • In the PUBG MOBILE INDIA version When you first start a game your character will be fully dressed.
  • Besides, it’s because this is an Indian version so you might get to see some Indian traditional cloth.
  • Blood effect change green from red, because of the violation.
  • They also add a feature to restrict the in-game time because users spent more than the recommended time.
  • There will be a virtual simulation changes ground sitting when a player is killed.

Well, the comeback news of PUBG INDIA relief for all the Indian gamers. Till now there is no official news regarding the release date. We don’t know how long it would take relaunch in India however according to official news we only know the release date when the final trailer release.

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