Poco F1 Custom ROM: Best Gaming ROM For Poco F1


Poco F1 Custom ROM: Best Gaming ROM For Poco F1


Poco F1 is a very cheap high flagship android smartphone introduced by Xiaomi. This device from Xiaomi is one of the fastest budget smartphones in the world which offers us a Snapdragon 845 processor under 20,000 rupees and with tons of tons extra features. We don’t need Poco F1 Custom ROM, Stock ROM was enough at that time.

custom rom poco f1

The smartphone comes with three variants, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, and its maximum variants 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. Many of us call Poco F1 a gaming phone because of Snapdragon 845. This smartphone has liquid cooling technology which prevents the phone from overheating and makes gaming much smoother.


Poco F1’s display is about a 6.18-inch full HD display. Poco F1 is one such phone that has made smartphone gaming a long way off. No company could offer us, 800 series processors, at such a low price. The performance of the Poco F1 on the MIUI 11 Android 10 was quite good, but since the update of the MIUI 12, the phone has not been performing as well as it used to. Due to which many custom ROM has been introduced.

In fact, the Poco F1 was once a very powerful and popular phone and many of us bought this smartphone especially to play PUBG so that we could run PUBG smoothly on this smartphone or many people took this smartphone for live streaming or recording. We see a variety of custom ROM for this Poco F1, we will discuss in this post some of the custom ROMs that boost the performance of this killer phone. And so we can do the same gaming as before.

Best Gaming ROM For Poco F1

There are many Poco F1 custom ROMs available in the market, but there are no such gaming ROM. Until the the legend Corvus OS shows up. Gaming custom ROM was first introduced by Corvus OS. Corvus OS is very popular and the most used best ROM for Poco f1.

The earliest version of Corvus ROM was the 3.5 unofficial Gajin Shogun. The performance of the 3.5 was so unbelievable, that in a very short time the popularity of this Custom ROM spread all around.

custom rom poco f1

But since poco f1 first gaming ROM was an initial build that caused a lot of bugs to appear in this version, such as offline charging, Face Unlock and many more features were missing, many more versions of the Curvas were released later, such as 4.0,5.0 Unofficial 6.0,7.5, 9.0.

My Personal Favorite Poco F1 Custom ROM is Curves 5.0, I’m still using this custom ROM.

Now many will ask me why?

why am I using the unofficial version of 5.0 instead of the latest version of Corvus? I think 5.0 is best for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best custom ROM for you.

But the Corvus 3.5 unofficial, 5.0 unofficial, 4.7,5.5,10.5 are very popular because these versions have a lot of fan following and these custom ROMs are very stable.

The performance of a smartphone doesn’t just depend on custom ROM. There are many external and internal factors involved that affect the performance of the phone. The main factor is the ambient temperature because the performance drops only when the mobile reached its maximum temperate.

This custom ROM is usually the best gaming ROM especially for PUBG for those who live stream or upload records on YouTube.From my own personal experience, it’s one of the best ROM for Poco F1.

custom rom poco f1

You can use 16.5 A11 if you want features, or unofficial versions 3.5 or 5.0 if you want more performance. And you can use version 10.5 A10 for battery backup and decent performance.

But let us tell you there are some disadvantages to this custom ROM. You may encounter some problems if you install this ROM. The biggest problem with this ROM is the heating, it is a gaming custom ROM that has additional tweaks in inbuild which boosts the performance and heats up a lot. To control the heating we have to play games either in the AC room or with the mobile in front of the fan, even in this custom ROM, the battery temperature reaches up to 45 degrees centigrade. As a result, your battery may be permanently damaged.

Another problem with Corvus OS is fake temperature and slow charging. Fake temperatures usually when the phone reaches a certain charging level and our phone is no longer charged, to fix it we have to hard reboot our phone. As a result, our phones often do not charge properly. But yes Curvus OS literally a great best custom gaming custom ROM for Poco F1.

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Pixel Exprience Poco F1 Custom ROM

Pixel Experience is similar to AOSP based ROM, with some basic Google apps and some Pixel features installed. The Pixel Experience for Poco f1, usually Google’s stock firmware, is found on Nexus phones. In simple words, stock Google’s ROMs are being customized and re-released by other manufacturing companies in their own way. Such as Xiaomi MiUI, One Plus’s Oxygen OS. Pixel experience belongs to GOOGLE.

The Pixel Experience is a stock ROM, so there is less bloatware out there, but much fewer UI features and customizations. We will see some minimal customization in this ROM. The only benefit of the Pixel Experience Poco F1 is that no minor bugs can be found here.

custom rom poco f1

The biggest benefit of this pixel experience ROM is the camera, Google gives us GCam pre-installed here. If you are using GCam then you must know how beautiful and realistic pictures can be taken with GCam. GCam has many camera features, such as the ability to take very clear pictures in low light and even in the dark. The gaming performance in this pixel experience Poco F1ROM is not as of Corvus OS, but we get decent performance.

This ROM is very smooth in normal uses and it’s almost impossible to encounter any bugs in this ROM. But even if there are some minor bugs, they will be fixed with the next update. Because we can received updates once every month. But if you want to boost the performance of this ROM, you can use a custom kernel. The primary aim of the Poco F1 Pixel experience keeping things simple.

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Oxygen OS For Poco F1

OnePlus and Xiaomi are both Chinese companies and both have Android. There are many differences including name and feature. OnePlus developed Oxygen OS and Xiaomi’s own MIUI. Maybe we all know that. So if everything is the same, then why do we prefer Oxygen OS?

If you have two options between MIUI and Oxygen OS, then most of the users will choose Oxygen OS. There are many reasons behind this. Both OS are made by Google and these two companies launch the OS by designing, optimizing, and modifying the OS as their own.

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Why Oxygen OS better than MIUI?

Oxygen OS is very optimized which makes the performance much higher than that of MIUI. Bloatware in Oxygen OS is much less, which means there is no useless app installed. Moreover, MIUI’s updates are very limited, they give only a single update in a year, due to which the phone is not optimized. Moreover, Xiaomi usually launches one phone for many regions, one for China, one for Europe, and another for Asia. As a result, it’s almost impossible to update so many regional devices.

custom rom poco f1

But the community of custom ROMs is very huge and active which is why there are many developers who port Oxygen OS for Poco f1 phones and release Oxygen OS for our devices.

We can use these port ROMs on our phones to receive the user experience of Oxygen OS. Being a port ROM, we get the benefit of all the features of Oxygen OS on our Poco f1. The feature depends on the device from which it is ported. There are many port ROMs available for Poco F1 such as One Plus 6, One Plus 7.

We will get the feature of the phone that we use in Poco F1. And to be honest gaming performance is much smoother after using this port ROM. Despite being a port ROM, this ROM is smooth enough for daily use. Oxygen OS has features like Adaptive Brightness, Vibrate Color, Vision Comfort, OnePlus Launcher, Horizon Light, all these features we can use on Poco F1.

Gaming Performance on this ROM is Smooth. We can’t install any custom kernel in this ROM. Speaking of bugs, the phone cannot be used in silent mode. We can fix this using third-party apps. AE Project, OFFGANG these are the developer community of Oxygen OS. These ROMs are very stable builds and bugless we can use in daily life and gaming.

Evolution X Custom ROM For Poco F1

This is a pixel-based AOSP ROM. That’s why we have some Google apps and pixel launchers by default. In this ROM, we get a decent amount of features and customization. Even though it is a pixel-based ROM, there are lots of customizations than the Pixel ROM. The stability of this ROM and ROM management is undoubtedly good enough. Despite the average performance, we don’t feel any lag in daily use. If you want to game on Poco F1 then, Evolution X also a decent ROM.


But with the Xiaomi company’s official recent updates, the power of the processor of this phone has decreased so much that neither PUBG, Free Fire can be played properly. We may never have thought that the performance of the snapdragon 800+ series processor would be so slow. This is actually the fault of Xiaomi’s that this phone doesn’t give as much performance as it should. As a result, many of us cannot play games properly on this phone.

But there is a community forum of custom ROMs, they usually modify the phone’s ROM to aim for increased performance, or to add new features to the mobile. Using these custom ROMs we can do lag free gaming on our phones just like before. In today’s post, we have discussed in detail some of the custom ROMs that boost the performance of our phones. The uses of each Custom ROMS are different.

Some ROMs are better in terms of performance, some better in terms of battery backup, and a few ROMs are good at features and settings customizations. Which one is best and better totally depends on the user itself. But we think you can try all these custom ROM once, and find your own.

FAQ- Poco F1 Custom ROM

Is it safe to use custom ROM in Poco F1?

Note that it is impossible to install ROM without unlocking the bootloader. Unlocking bootloaders is not recommended, but you have to be careful. This is safe unless you are installing any unnecessary third-party apps on your device.

Can I get Android 12 on my Poco F1?

If you are expecting an official update from Xiaomi then I say You will never receive it. But, with Custom ROM possible. Currently, I’m running Android 12 aka S on my Poco, also we have a published article about android 12 custom ROM.

How do I change the OS on my Poco F1?

1. Unlock the bootloader first.u003cbru003e2. Install any Custom recovery.u003cbru003e3. Download the ROM file and add-ons.u003cbru003e4. wipe, dalvic, cache, data, system, vendor.u003cbru003e5. Install ROM zip and add-ons.u003cbru003eNote, You should backup your data.

Is it worth it to install a custom ROM?

If you never use you’ll never know. By installing Custom ROM you can modify and customize your device as your need.

Can I install oxygen OS on Poco f1?

Poco F1 supports port ROM. So it’s possible.

Which ROM is best for Poco F1 gaming?

Performance depends on the heating. And the heating depends entirely on the ambient temperature. Find a ROM that has less heat during gaming. Our Suggestion is that try, Corvus ROM, Ancient OS. Miui Eu ROM’S.

Is Poco F1 a gaming beast?

In 2022 Poco F1 Still, Consider a gaming phone. The only thing is that all you need to control heating.

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