PBS Kids Games – A Great Educational Platform Of Free Games For Kids


PBS Kids is a brand of programming for children in the United States that aims to develop children’s education. . PBS Kids Games is an educational platform for children. This iconic brand has its own cartoon characters, including two popular characters Dash and Dot. These two characters were first featured on the PBS broadcast program ie PBS Kids Show. They also have their own website PBS kids.org and Google Play Store app to access PBS kids games that children can easily access. 

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games is a “Ready To Learn” platform for children, where educational concepts are imparted through children’s free games. The websites and apps that are available for accessing the PBS Kids games are kid-friendly, the interface of this app and website is quite simple. The biggest thing is that all are free games, we don’t have to spend money to play all these free games

In today’s article, we want to share with you the history of PBS Kids, why playing video games is so important, and, in addition to studying, why all parents should let their children play video games and some of the popular PBS Kids Games name.


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Why Video Games are important for Kids

Many parents don’t know why video games are necessary for children’s everyday life. It used to be said that those who study become kings and those who play become bad. However, in today’s society, this term does not always apply at all. Moreover, games are important for daily life. When children play a game, their skills improve, isn’t that so. By playing games, children learn to share things and work as a team, recognizing victories and defeats. Games play a very different role in children’s emotional and mental development.

PBS Kids Games

The hormones that make children happy are produced in large quantities by playing games. That’s why children’s minds are always cheerful. Therefore, games make a great contribution to the mental development of children.
There are probably two types of games: indoor games and outdoor games. However, there are many more types of games, including video games.

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Advantages OF Games-

  • Games keep children’s brains fresh and active.
  • It teaches children to be disciplined and take responsibility.
  • Games expand children’s ability and thinking capacity.
  • Teaches children discipline and rules As games are usually developed by adults, children adapt to the thinking patterns of adults.

Advantages Of Online Video Games For Kids

Video games are a type of game that we usually play on our smartphones, computers, or television screens. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything in this world. We all know that. Many parents believe that video games cause chaos in children. But children’s addiction to video games causes anxiety among parents. They think that games make a bad impression on their children, but there are some popular PBS Kids games that have many positive effects. But to be honest, there are some advantages present in video games, like

PBS Kids Games
  • Research has shown that children who play video games have a much sharper brain than the rest of the children which helps improve brain memory.
  • Additional skills are more common in children who play video games. They figure out a way to do anything.
  • There is another benefit of playing video games that kids can get out of no matter what the problem is. Because most video games are designed in such a way that no one can simply complete the game. Most games are based on missions and puzzles and require a lot of skills and strategies to complete. This leads to the development of children’s brains.
  • Some video games for kids are educational basis. Games that give children the necessary knowledge about science, mathematics, and history that make them more interested in reading.
  • Video games tend to relieve children’s pain and stress. In many cases, games keep children’s moods joyful and positive thoughts, so that children are always seen happy.

What Is PBS Kids Game?

PBS Kids Show and PBS Kids Games are great educational platforms for children. Where children have the opportunity to learn new ideas about science. It could be watching the PBS Kids show or playing the PBS Kids game. With the encouragement of children, PBS Games has become an educational platform, and many parents have set PBS Games to a high-standard learning platform.

PBS Kids Games

We all want our children to start thinking about science and technology at an early age. So they can keep up with the upcoming generation. That’s why everyone tries to guide their children as much as possible. However, in the current situation, there are many platforms where we can entertain children as well as teach them educational knowledge. All children like to play, whether it is an online game for kids or an offline game.
PBS Games For Kids is an educational game in which we can teach our children science, mathematics, and other knowledge. PBS Kids has several games on its own website and PBS Kids games app, all of which encourage children to teach important lessons in math and technology.PBS Kids Games apps and websites are very easy to navigate. Children under the age of 10 can easily and easily access games of their interest or preference. It is an educational platform where children and parents can have fun together.

History Of PBS Kids

We are pretty much sure that every single parent who is reading this post already knows about the iconic brand PBS Kids. There are a lot of people in the nineties, but they must have seen the PBS Kids show at least once. Let’s dive in and discuss the famous PBS Kids Show.

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PBS Kids is a popular television brand in the nineties that launched many successful shows. In addition to the PBS Kids Show, there are many popular video games for kids of this brand on the pbskids.org website. Which is very inspiring for children. On July 11, 1994, PBS changed the name of its program to “PTV” Block with the aim of making PBS a “Ready To Learn” initiative. And its objective was to facilitate educational programs for poor and disadvantaged children.

PBS Kids Games

On 6th September 1999, PBS made a major facelift and introduce the PBS kids brand its ready-to-learn programs, especially for kids. They introduced two popular characters dash and dot along with these characters the whole infrastructure was introduced. In 2004 a new programming block of PBS kids was introduced named PBS kids Go. PBS Kids Go is aimed at grade-schooler and older children who were too old for previous PBS Kids.

The main objective of this project is to provide young and middle-class children with all kinds of educational facilities. For this reason, they began to launch several educational programs under the PTV brand from the beginning. This program included live-action and music videos. In 2017 PBS Kids Network has introduced thanks to a live broadcast on the PBS Kids org website and video app channel. Later the PBS Kids games were released on the PBS Kids.org website.

Popular PBS Kids Games

The main reason why children like PBS Kids games is the character of the games. The characters in each PBS game for kids are different, which attracts children. There are many educational games on the PBS Kids.org website and on the PBS Kids games app, and some of these games are very popular and different from the crowd. Such as,

  • Wild Kratts Rescue Run
  • The Cat in the Hat Builds That
  • Animal Home Builder
  • Odd Squad: Puppy Quest
  • ARTHUR’s Animal Home Builder
  • Dinosaur Train Jurassic Jr.

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FAQ About PBS Kids Games

What age is PBS Kids Games For?

u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids gamesu003c/strongu003e are particularly useful for young children, especially for children from 3 to 8 years old. In addition to games, children have the opportunity to learn the right ideas about their skills, science, and mathematics. As u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids.orgu003c/strongu003e and the u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids games appu003c/strongu003e are child-friendly, children can easily access all the games on their own.

Can we play PBS Kids Games offline?

u003cstrongu003ePBS Gamesu003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eFor Kidsu003c/strongu003e has its own official application where there are lots of educational games available that anyone can play anywhere, even while traveling.

Are u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids Gamesu003c/strongu003e educational?

Of course, on the u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids.orgu003c/strongu003e website, there are more than 30 u003cstrongu003egames for kidsu003c/strongu003e. Games can only change based on age and test. But it is up to the parents to choose the right game.

How much does u003cstrongu003ePBS Kids Gamesu003c/strongu003e cost?

To be honest, all the games are totally free. Parents should be very happy about this. The main purpose of the u003cstrongu003ePBS Kidsu003c/strongu003e brand is to provide educational programming to children from middle-class families so it is normal to be free of cost.

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