How To Design A Logo By Illustrator and Photoshop


How To Design A Logo By Illustrator and Photoshop


Designing a logo is not a tuff work nowadays. A logo is a very important thing for a business. It really boosts your Brand value to a customer. A unique logo is always recommended for your business. As a result, a company or an organization can be easily identified by a logo so we can simply say that how important a logo is!

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There are many logo design software are available on market and you can easily buy or download it from Google but you need reliable software to create a logo for your business. If you are a new freelancer in the Graphics Design field then the below software is also very useful for you and the truth is almost 80% of professional freelancers use the below software for their clients.


Working on these logo design software is very easy because all these logo design software we can create layers one by one for each step. we can save those layers one by one and we can combine everything to create a perfect logo by going to last.

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If we want to make a change in our approach i.e. any special change in the logo, it is possible because we had already saved the layers. We will understand which part of those layers we have to change by clicking on the logo and we can get a new design only if we upgrade that layer.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

2. Adobe photoshop

3. Corel Draw

4. Sketch Up

From the above software, I’ll recommend you to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I personally use those and I know how much easy to create a logo with this two software. I have almost 10 years of working experience in this field so you can trust me.

You’ll see a lot of tools on that software but don’t worry I’ll share the proper way to use some of those tools to create a perfect logo.

Design A Logo By Adobe Illustrator

Now we’re moving to our primary topic that how to design a logo with adobe illustrator. All popular graphic designers and illustrator experts consider this Adobe illustrator software to be their favorite software. I’m not saying this, I’ve asked many professional designers which software is the best to design a logo! and they’ve indicated Illustrator as their primary choice. It’s very easy to use this Adobe illustrator software so if we know how to use this software, we can easily design any logo.

Design A Logo By Adobe Illustrator Overview

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based platform. You can easily understand with its name that you can illustrate anything. Not only a logo, but you can also design everything with this software.

Logo image

When you finish a design, the design will be a vector file. AI, .EPS, .FXG, .SVG etc. All these formats are vector-based which means you can easily illustrate the design how much you need and you will never find pixelated type in your design.

This is an EPS format of a gaming logo. Look how much clear and sharp quality it has! Actually, the detailing is very clear here and it’s possible only for the software. Also, see the below logo


This is also an example of a great logo. The color combination is also very good.

Design a Logo From an Image By illustrator

There is a huge advantage of Adobe illustrator is you can directly create an image to vector by tracing option which is not possible to other software. After tracing the first image I have found this, please see it.

Tracing an image is so simple in Adobe Illustrator. I’m going to tell you to step by step guide for design a logo.

How To Trace To Create A Vector

Image To Vector Creation Process

  1. Select the image which you want to trace
  2. Right click on that image and select Open with
  3. Select Adobe Illustrator and Click
  4. Now the Image is on illustrator
  5. Press a single click on that image if the image is not selected
  6. Go to Object which is present on the upper left corner after File and Edit.
  7. Click on Object and select Live Trace
  8. Click on Live Trace and select Tracing Options
  9. After selecting Tracing Options you’ll find Adjustment and Trace settings. Like Mode, Threshold, Blur, Resample, Stroke, Path Fitting, angles and more
  10. Adjust everything if you want but select Ignore white option if your Raster image contain white background and if you don’t want to see the background on your vector.
  11. You can also select Tracing, Outline, Outline with vector options on the Vector portion.
  12. Finally click On Trace.

If you want to do some additional changes then click ctrl + Z and you will get back to your 1st position before tracing. Actually, designers do this process for an instant image to vector conversion. If the source image quality is great then you’ll be able to get a great output. Otherwise, you can’t get a too accurate results.


Image To Vector tracing Results

Check the Image trace result on the below image. Simply the raster image is converted to vector. The below vector is not looking too good because its original image is pixelated and the background is not white. If the image quality is good and the background is white then you’ll get a proper vector.

Suppose you’re new at illustrator but you’ve ideas that how to design a logo on paper with pen. so you can simply do that and scan the logo you’ve created on paper. Take the JPG or JEPG format image and open it via illustrator. Do the previous process.

Design a logo using pen tools

This is possible by the “Photo High Fidelity” option. Also, you can manually create this type of logo. You just need the pen tools, use of brush tools, and color combination. You will also find the “Graphics style” option here. Actually, this is one kind of effect of an illustrator.

How To Design A Logo: Using Pen Tools

Pen tools is also an effective tool to create logo. We’re able to create any kind of shapes or design using pen tools. From curve shape to straight line design everything is possible through pen tools. From simple to advance design, everytime pen tools is required. A designer should definitely use a pen tool even they’re creating character or layout design so you’ve to learn how to use a pen tool.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop belongs to the same family as Adobe but it’s a Raster-based platform. You will find pixelated if you zoom your created design at the maximum. Actually it is one of the best software for photo editing but not the only photo you can also design a great logo with this software. The example of a logo is given below

The most disadvantage of this software is you can’t stretch the final design like logo too much. If you do that then the logo would be pixleted and you can’t get more detailing. Suppose you’re creating a logo for website or other places where logo size is not a matter then you can go ahead with photoshop but if you want to create logo for big size banner or poster then you should definitely go for illustrator.

There are some great features you can find in photoshop during design a logo. Like

esport logo mockup wood 93536 896
  1. You can create individual layer for each step during a logo design.
  2. You can directly create manual color and also pick colors from swatches.
  3. One of the most unique feature of photoshop is STYLES. You will find 12 options here like abstract styles, button styles, dotted styles, DP styles, Glass styles, Image styles, KS styles etc
  4. On the adjustment section you’ll find HUE/ Saturation, Curves, Levels, Vibrance, photo filter etc
  5. Through filter section, you’re able to give your design different filter effects like
Photoshop styles
  • Abstruct filter Effect
  • Blur filter Effect
  • Distort filter Effect
  • Noice filter Effect
  • Pixelate filter Effect
  • Render filter Effect
  • Sharpen filter Effect
  • Sketch filter Effect
  • Stylize filter Effect
  • Texture filter Effect
  • Video filter Effect

So these are the reasons for choosing photoshop to design a logo. A lot of functions you can find here. This is really a cool software where you can show your artistic skills. Photoshop has its own popular PSD format. If you save a project with PSD format then you can able to redesign or upgrade your design at any PC where photoshop is installed.

Looks like you will also find the detailing here but the disadvantage is it is a raster-based platform. Here you also need the brush tool, pen tool, and good color combination. You can also import your vector files directly from illustrator to photoshop. This will help you so much to import your design from illustrator to photoshop.

Also, check the Top 3 logo design softwares in our blog. This topic will also help you.So that’s all for today. I hope you will like this post.

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