Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme: The Meme reveal 2022

Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme: The Meme reveal

Graphic Design is my passion

Graphic Design is my passion is of the most funniest meme I have ever seen. If I take Graphic Design is my passion as a meme category then all the funny and sarcasm design would fall under this category.

Graphic design what exactly does this word mean?

In a simple word it’s an art, and now what is art ?? it’s like drawing pictures?? Actually, it can be anything when you are good at something you create something and people started to enjoy it that art also some people might not like its differs person to person.

So, basically, graphics designing is an art of your idea, and thinking and use of image, size, and shape turn all of these into a massage or into an idea.

Why I Love Graphics Design

Currently, all our living things are connected to technology, and we live in a digital world talking about the future all the old-school things are changing. In my opinion, This is the right step to take and become a designer.

When we were kids we all love to watch animation, and I too. I also love to draw cartoons I wasn’t good at though. Animation is also my passion This interest made me passionate about this field. To be honest, if you want to become a good and great graphics designer firstly you need creativity and secondly, you need passion.

I think in every field you need passion, wasn’t that true?? Why passion?? Because every day you have to create a new design rather than others who go to their work and do the same thing every day but instead to doing same design. Because your client doesn’t want the same design every time, that’s the reason passion and interest need more. 

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Reason Why My Graphic Design Is My Passion

1. The ability to be able to make something for someone even you don’t know and be able to give them a masterpiece that they will remember forever.

Graphic design is my passion prison

2. Being able to create something that looks really cool isn’t all about skills but also having skills that are unique and creative and you know for sure a lot of people won’t have it.

3. It being something which can be good for people to earn some money from.

4. There is a job for everyone which is designing graphics.

5. Many people don’t know how to do it but if you have good graphic design skills then you can become a graphic designer.

6. Graphic Design is something which is quite useful for advertising, marketing, business, etc.

Why important graphics design?

As we said earlier in this era of technology everything converting into the digital world. If you have any social media account like Facebook and you browse through pages you can find meme is now trending on top. Even meme is a part of graphic design you make any design like photo image it’s a part of the design. 

What are memes?

Now let us explain to you what a meme is. On the Internet, we often see memes go viral. And you must have some favorite memes too. If you are surfing Facebook or YouTube on the internet, you will have an idea about memes. In fact, it is a video or an image that entertains us. Memes are very popular nowadays. And memes are widely used in graphics designing.

What is graphics design is my passion meme?

The graphics design memes are memes that make you think of a lot of people who are not good at what they do. This meme is great for people who want to learn graphic design but are not sure how to start.

Graphic design is my passion 1

You have to study first but then learn from the internet. Just make a good quality icon/graphic design because it will look better than just making something that is just made because it looks good but actually is bad.

The word “graphic design is my passion memes” comes from “graphic design is my passion”.Same thing but with different meanings. One is used as a mockery, Another one is used as a professional designer. Graphic designing is my passion memes means knowingly or unknowingly making a mistake in designing something that is not professional but still when you call yourself graphic designing my fashion, to make fun of that situation, we call graphic designing my fashion memes. These memes can be any design such as images, gifs, clip art, etc.

Here are some examples of graphic designing is my passion meme, which will help you to understand a little bit and you will get some idea about it.

The moment you realize that you made a design and sent it for printing and then when you realize that the design is a little wrong.

Honestly, it’s an awkward moment. It sounds bad, I felt it myself. I remember, when I was just learning new graphics designing, my client gave me some designing to make, That was a one-month project. And on the last day of project submission when I finally gave the final design to my client, my client was quite surprised, because he wanted something. I gave him something else, that’s was a very embarrassing moment. Because the client invested a lot of money in this design and I invested a lot of time. It’s a meme for both of us.

When we make a design and finally when it is used publicly. And when we see it, then we show it to our friends or family members. Look, I made it. Look, it’s made by me. Because to me, it is also a matter of pride. You will see this meme in many places.

In other words, when we want to make something but it becomes something else, then meme is used in those cases. And when a new design comes into the graphic designing field and makes a design.

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