Genshin Impact Characters- List Of All Genshin Impact Characters and Geshin Impact New Characters


Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact is more of a multiplayer action adventure, an open-world role-playing game based on stories. The most important keys to the success of this game are the graphic characters of the game’s story and the extraordinary elements. We had the opportunity to install this game for Android, iOS and PC devices for the first time on September 28, 2020. This game was created by Mihoyo, publisher and developer.


In this fantasy world, we can play by walking, climbing, swimming and gliding across the sky. Here, we can control up to four characters at the same time. In addition, after completing some missions, it is possible to unlock 24 more characters. Each character has a normal and special ability.

Genshin Impact Characters
Genshin Impact Characters image

RPG means role-playing games, you must have played many. But for those who are new and do not know what role-playing games are, you should know that in role-playing games, along with the characters that are given to you to play, you must play the role of the character. The difference between a normal game and an RPG is that in a normal game, we don’t have to play the role of the character we’re playing with, that is, we don’t have to feel like a character. That is, instead, we need to read the story of this character and see it as a kind of video. But role-playing games make us feel like we’re playing the role of a character while we’re playing that game.


The characters in role-playing games are just like the heroes of any movie. Where you have to explore a whole new world and experience a wonderful Story Line at the same time. Just like that character is part of the story of this open world.

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Why Genshin Impact Characters Are So Strategic

Genshin Impact can be described as a strategic fighting game. There are a total of 30 level characters that we can collect. And each character has elements or abilities that differentiate them from the others. Like fire, water, ice, air and electricity. Can anyone tell us why we call it a strategy game?

Genshin Impact Characters

The reason for calling it a strategy game is that strategy works when you fight the enemy and want to do more damage to health of the enemy. You’ll face many situations where you’ll have to use combo attacks to defeat the enemy. Here, we can also use the environment as a strategy. For an example, if there is a river or a pond nearby and we immerse the enemy in water, then apply fire attack that would not make sense.

Or we know that we can change or switch characters in this game. We have the ability to control up to four characters simultaneously in the game, and it is possible to change characters at any time. Example If you use a character whose ability is Ice, it is possible to freeze the enemy with ice and then change characters and attack with fire or electricity to cause more damage to the enemy. In this way, we can develop our own strategy of combining attacks by changing or switching characters.

Genshin Impact Characters

All characters in this open world game have normal power and special abilities. We can use normal abilities in the game from time to time, but to use the special abilities, the character’s energy level must be increased to the maximum level.

If you’ve ever played an animated game like Naruto Shippuden Ninja War, we can only use the special abilities after you’ve maximized energy levels. In this game, we can use special powers in the same way. The best thing about this game is that the characters in this game can control different elements such as fire, water, air, electricity and earth. Gatcha mechanics are generally used in this game.

When we talk about the characters in Geshin Impact, there is a deep backstory behind each character. And the story of each character is unique. If you want to know something about the characters, you should also know that we can use many types of combat skills in this game. And the combat skills of each character are different. However, the main reason that distinguishes each character is the personality of each character.

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All Genshin Impact Characters

As we said before. If you want to learn more about the characters and master each character, you also need to know their combat skills and how they actually work. This is only possible if you invest more time in the game. In this Article, we just introduced the entire character of Genshin Impact. If You think after reading this post you are gonna become a legend on this game that’s only a wish,nothing more than that.

Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Male Characters


Albedo aka Kreideprinz is a well-known alchemist who is the captain of the Favonius Knight team. Albedo is famous for observing everything around him. Albedo’s knowledge is immense.


Bennett is a Pyro Genshin character who has been the victim of misfortune since childhood and as an orphan Bennett has grown up in the Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guide and is the only surviving member of Benny’s Adventure team.


He never saw the soul with his own eyes but would be surprised to think that he is famous as a ghost-deceiver. This popular character from Evil Spirit World is Cyro User.


Dilus is a popular Pyro Genshin character, known as a knight hero. The personality of this character is very incredible which will fascinate you.He is the householder of Dawn Winery and has defended Mondstadt’s despite many incidents in the past.


As a Cyro Genshin character, he was a cavalry warrior and was highly regarded by the citizens because he was a very trusted captain of the clan.



An electro character who grew up in the midst of wolves like Tarzan and the current Grandmaster of Knight of Favonius as well as a swordman.


Aka Childe,an adventurous character who always accepts challenges and Eleventh of Fatui Harbingers.


He is an adeptus,no one knows how old he is and member of five fore most Yakshan.


A disguised,consultant of Genshin Impact. Work as consultant of Wangsheng Parlor.

Genshin Impact character female

Genshin Impact Female Characters


Amber is known as a well-known pyro Genshin character. Moreover, she is the only Knight of Favonius character who is always ready to help her citizens.


Barbara Genshin Impact Hydro Character and deaconess of the Favonius Church.


One of Liyue who is famous for her immense power. The element of this character is lightning and she is known to the rest as fearless.


The main motive of this character is to destroy Mondstadt’s wine industry. This cat-like character is a hunter of Springviale.


An adventurous explorer who claims to have come from the world outside of Teyvat and an investigator from Mondstadit’s.


Element of this Genshin character is Cyro which came in the game in Chapter One. The character is Half-qiling and who is the General Secretary of Liyue Qixing.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a Pyro element genshin Character.we are still wounder about this character.


Jean, decendant of Gunnhildr clan, sibling of Barbara at the same time main house holder of Mondstadt Knight.


The character is self-confident and self-reliant, not dependent on any god. Especially she prioritizes her own abilities and finds the right way out of any problem.


A pyro Genshin character, who is a fan of his mother and a character who is just like her mother.


A sorceress who is an electro character. And returns to Mondstadt’s to be the librarian of the Knight of Favonias


A hydro character as well as an astrologer. Who thinks herself very arrogant because she is an expert in astrology.


Who is a resident of Liyue Qixing and lives in the floating jade chamber.


A Geo genshin character who wants to be the Knight of Knights of Favonious.


A Cyro Genshin character that immortal and rescued as a zombie, now reside at Liyue Harbor.


This Cyro geshin character is member of Church of Favonious.


An Anemo Genshin character, master in bio-alchemy and helps other peoples with her alchemy.


This Anemo character is popular bard in Mondstadt as well as a god.


Merchant by day and warrior by night, a powerful Genshin character who does not hesitate to destroy the enemy and is an incredible head chef of the Foremost restaurant.


Born in Liyue,the second son of the Feiyen Commerce Guide group,and skilled in the arts.


She is a musician and loves music. She has also performed in Liyue Harbor.


She more than a Judge and reside at Liyue.

Best Genshin Impact Characters

  • Hu Tao
  • Xiao
  • Albedo
  • Jean
  • Tartaglia
  • Mona
  • Diluc
  • Alice

Upcoming New Characters in Genshin Impact

Here are some Upcoming New Genshin Characters that will probably be added in the Genshin Impact 2.5 update or later

  • Yea Miko
  • Scaramouche
  • Yaoyao
  • Cyno
  • Ayato
  • Heizou
  • Baizhu
  • Varka

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