Games Kharido Top Up Centre- Double Diamond Top Up Centre Games kharido Under Maintenance Time Reason

Games Kharido Top UpDouble Diamond Top Up Games kharido Under Maintenance Time Reason

Those of you who play Free Fire games bought double diamond at least once. And you may have taken the double diamond top up through the Games Kharido (popular free fire top up center)website. There are many third-party websites available for free fire Diamond top up center. But, honestly games kharido double bonus is popular among all of them. Which helps us to get diamonds at a very cheap price. On all these websites, we can get more diamonds for less money. Most of these websites are fake. But you can easily get games kharido first time top-up Double Diamond through the Games Kharido website.

Game kharido

But many of you also know that Games Kharido ie the popular free fire top up center has been under maintenance for the past few months and many Free Fire players have not been able to top the double diamond from there. What is the reason for their maintenance? Is the website completely shut down? Will we ever be able to game kharido first time top-up in the free fire game? In today’s article, we will discuss these in a little more detail.


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Games Kharido or Garena TopUp Center

We all players usually use two websites to buy double diamond top-up for free fire top up center aka garena topup center. One coda shop and second gameskharido, But gameskharido website is much more popular because of among these two. This means that if we buy top-up from this website, we can get diamonds in our Free Fire ID with a 100% guarantee. Also, gameskharido known as best Garena topup center which offers us 100% bonus.


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Due to the server under maintenance, Free Fire double diamonds top-up currently unavailable on website

Game kharido

Games Kharido Double Diamond Top Up Complete List

  • 40rs – 50 diamonds + 50 bonus diamonds
  • 80rs – 100 diamonds + 100 bonus diamonds
  • 240rs – 310 diamonds + 310 bonus diamonds
  • 400rs – 520 diamonds + 520 bonus diamonds
  • 800rs – 1060 diamonds + 1060 bonus diamonds
  • 1600rs – 2180 diamonds + 2180 bonus diamonds
  • 4000rs – 5600 diamonds + 5600 bonus diamonds

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How to Get First Time Double Diamond Top Up From Games kharido In App, Website

This website is a genuine website like CodaShop. There is also a collaboration between the Free Fire and Games kharido website. This means that it is a very trusted website. One of the advantages of using this website is that if you use games kharido first time top-up Diamond from here then you can get a 100% bonus. The Games Kharido website is a very popular and trusted website. We have discussed below how you can get game kharido first time top-up and how to get a bonus diamond.
1. In order to double Diamond top up from this website, first of all, you have to go to any browser and search by typing games kharido. Then in your search results, you can see the games website.
2. If you visit this website you will see that they give 100% Diamond Bonus. You need to select the free fire game for top up diamond.

Game kharido

3. Then here you have to log in with Facebook or Player ID. To log in with Player ID, you need to enter the Free Fire Player ID number. After logging in with Player ID, you can see your Free Fire username there.
4. Then you have to choose the payment method. Here you can make payment through Paytm UPI or Net Banking.
5. After selecting the payment methods you will be able to see the complete list of how many diamonds you want to top up there.
6. If you top up 50 diamonds at 40 rs here, you will get 50 diamond extras as a bonus.
7. After selecting the diamond, you need to select the next Procedure to payment.
8. After the payment has been processed, OTP will be sent to your number if you continue payment, you have to enter the OTP number and confirm the payment.
9. If the payment is successful, Diamond will send it instantly to your account. Or you can log out and log in to the game again.

Gamekharido Double Diamond First Time Top Up Bonus

If you are using the games kharido top-up center for the first time, you will get the same amount of Diamond in your account as a bonus. For example, If you purchase 40rs top up you’ll get 50+50 total 100 diamonds.
This is how we can top up the diamond from games kharido website. As we know the website is trusted, it gives us a 100% double diamond bonus when you top up Diamond for the first time. From here, you can send diamonds to your friends.

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The Truth About Alternative Websites Like Games Kharido

Game kharido

We all want first time double Diamond top up in the free fire game. Many of us have taken games kharido double bonus already. Games Kharido has been in maintenance for the past few months. Due to this most of the free fire players are not able to top the diamond from there. But it’s not just that the Games Kharido website has been shut down. There were a lot of websites like Games Kharido, Coda Shop, etc. which gave us the opportunity to top up Diamond for a very cheap price all the websites are closed at this moment including double diamond top up games kharido.

We used to top up diamonds first time from games kharido because this website is genuine and from here we could get more diamonds for less money. But after all these sites have been shut down, some new websites have come up that claim to give us diamonds just like these websites. Not just one but many more on the list. I will not reveal the name of these websites. But can be these considered as an alternative to the Games Kharido ? Let’s dig into this.

Game kharido

There are many websites that claim that they offer 310 diamonds for 100 rupees and 1800 diamonds for 460 rupees. From all these websites we can first time top up 310 diamonds in just 100 rupees. So, is it a double diamond top up? I think it’s a triple diamond top up right? Nowadays there are many third-party websites present to top up diamonds. We don’t care about how many diamonds they are providing. Let’s discuss whether all these websites are fake or real.

The Truth About Games Kharido’s Alternatives Websites

The thing to note is that all the new third-party double diamond top up websites are designed to copy the Games Kharido website. This proves that the websites can be fake. Because when we make something new, we make it a little different from the rest, we never copy anyone. Copying someone is nothing more than a fake and nothing but a scam. If you want to top up Diamond from all these websites, you also have to give free Fire ID like games kharido. But if the website is fake then there is no need for you to take risks, your ID may be hacked.

Game kharido

The biggest fact is that all these free fire top up center websites are fake, so you can understand when you give your player ID but still your ID name will not be displayed there. This is a very good way to understand. We will say that it is not good to be greedy, maybe some more diamonds can be scammed with you so there is no need to take so many ricks. As far as we know, after you top up the diamond, you won’t get any diamond, neither double nor normal. That’s why it’s best to stay away from all these websites.

Why Games Kharido’s Server Under Maintenance Time

We all know that GamesKharido has been under conservation for a few months and numerous Free Fire players haven’t been able to top-up first time from game kharido website. What’s the reason for their conservation? Is the the website fully shut down? many of you may be wondering this. But the server has never been under maintenance for so many months without any reason. There is probably a deeper reason link to.

We’re all using the Games kharido website in hopes of getting a double diamond, Because of this, no one purchasing Diamond Top up from the in-game stores anymore. This means that most of the free fire players are buying diamonds top up through the the website because they are offering bonuses. Maybe that’s why their servers have been shut down. So that we all start to purchase diamonds from the in-game store.

In our opinion, this could also be a reason. This is our guess though. We are not saying that’s the reason, but it could be a factor. As far as we know, if there is a problem on the website, it will be fixed in one to two weeks, it will never take months after month.


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When Will Games Kharido Maintenance End?

It’s hard to say when their server will be fixed because we usually use two websites to top up Diamond in the free fire game. One is Game Kharido, the other is a coda shop. We used to trust these two websites very much. Because it would give us a diamond cum bonus diamond with a 100% guarantee. Games Kharido and Coda Shop have been shut down for months.

It’s been so many months, and they have not given any update. In addition to these two websites, all the other top-up websites have been shut down too at the same time. That means there must be a deeper reason. The exact cause of shut down is yet unknown to us. Games Kharido maintenance ending time is hard to guess for us. That’s why it’s hard to say when the Games Kharido website will be come back live. But mention not, when it’ll be fixed, we will update you. Hopefully, the website will be fixed soon, and we’ll be able to use the double diamond top up again as before.

Frequently asked questions

u003cstrongu003ewhy games kharido is not working?u003c/strongu003e

Games Kharido has been under maintenance for the past few months. And they have not given any update regarding this. So we can only guess nothing more nothing less.

u003cstrongu003ewhen will games kharido open?u003c/strongu003e

No one knows, Sometimes we think even they don’t know when the server gonna back on track.

u003cstrongu003ewhen will games kharido maintenance end?u003c/strongu003e

From our end, it’s really hard to answer this question. But, hopefully soon.

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