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Free Fire Diamond Hack 2023, FF Diamonds Generator 99999, and other free fire-related tricks are provided here. Read completely to know more about our special tips.


We do many things to get diamonds in free fire game like top-up purchases, buying redeem codes, using diamond hack app, and many more. But we don’t get a single diamond after doing that because diamonds are one of the rarest things in this game.

There are different strategies to get ff diamonds in this game, using which we can get up to 99999 diamonds. Below we have shared various tips and tricks through which you can get unlimited diamonds in free fire game without using any ff diamond hack app. Also, there are various diamond generator websites to get diamonds in the game where free fire diamond hack 99999 is given without human verification, we will also discuss how true this is.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 2023

Free Fire Diamond Hack 2023

Before explaining what Free Fire Diamond Hack is, we will discuss what is Free Fire Diamond and why Diamond is so much in demand. Every game has its virtual currency, which we use to buy in-game items. There are two types of virtual currency in this game, one is Gold and the other is Diamond.

Diamonds are considered as premium currency in free fire games. With diamonds, we buy upgrades items, epic items, and legendary items such as skins, bundle packs, emotes, pets, and special characters. That is, we can buy any valuable items using diamonds in this game, which is why every free fire player’s attention is on diamonds.

Earlier Free Fire players were given diamonds for free. All these free diamonds we get in any event, live stream, and through the Booyah app. But nowadays the diamond has become a very rare item and is not commonly found. Currently, we have to purchase free fire top-up to get diamonds.

As a result, many Free Fire players look for easy and shortcut ways to get Diamonds, one of which is Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 Without Human Verification. There are also diamond hack mod apps through which free fire players try to get diamonds.

But there are some downsides of diamond hack which bans our account. That’s why in today’s article we will share some interesting tips through which you can get 10000 to 99999 diamonds in free fire game. Also, we will share some Free Fire Redeem Codes by using which you can get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire Game.

Free Fire Diamond Hack, FF Diamonds Generator Overview

Article AboutFree Fire Diamond Hack 2023 – FF Diamonds Generator 99999
Game NameFree Fire and Free Fire max
Developer111dots Studio
Amount of Diamond100, 10000 diamonds and up to 99,999 diamond
BenefitsFree diamonds, bundle packs, and characters
Beneficiariesfree fire players
RewardsFF diamonds and Redeem codes

FF Diamonds through Redeem Codes 2023

All the tips and tricks that we will share with you now will be useful for every free fire player, using these tricks you can get 10000 diamonds for free in your account. And the best part is that you don’t have to make any top-up purchases to get diamonds.

Many of you may want 50,000 or 99999 diamonds in free fire game. But it is not possible to get it instantly without ff diamond hack. But you can get around 99999 diamonds using our diamond tips-and-tricks, but it can be a long process.

Is it possible to hack 99999 diamonds

Is it really possible to hack 99999 diamonds in Free Fire?

There are various FF diamond generator apps and websites to hack 99999 diamonds in free fire game which gives diamonds without human verification. Although we have not tested these diamond generator websites and apps, in our opinion, it is not possible to hack so many diamonds at once and even if you get diamond using hacks later it may ban your free fire ID, that’s why we think it is better to get diamonds through genuine method.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 Generator work in 2023?

You might be looking for free fire diamond hack 99999 Generator website online. There are thousands of websites available on the internet that will guide you how to hack online diamond generators. We reiterate that hacking is an illegal activity. Therefore, you can get diamonds using our alternative methods which are actually legit.

Because taking diamonds legally is completely safe for you. You may lose your Pro Level Free Fire ID if you are caught doing something illegal. For that reason, we have shared some free but genuine diamond hack methods with you. After using these methods you will never have to compromise your ff ID.

How to hack ff diamonds in free fire?

We all know that most of the free fire players are students and it is not possible for a student to go deeper into their pocket and spend money to top up diamond. Because students have to rely on their parents for money. That’s why if you are a student and want to get free diamonds in this game then you can use our genuine methods to get unlimited diamonds in free fire account.

Using Free Fire Top-up event

In free fire game, players are often given discount events to top up diamonds, where we can get 100 to 500 diamonds. So far in this game, we have seen many top-up events where we can get more diamonds for less money. Such an event is less is more. In this event, we can get 520 diamonds through top-up purchase. Since this is a top-up event, we have to spend some money to buy top-ups.

Garena gives us some discounts on top-up purchases. There are certain conditions for taking diamonds in this event, which we describe below,

  • If you have more than 300 diamonds in your account then it is better not to purchase diamonds from this event. Because here you will be given zero percent discount.
  • The second discount is 20% off, if you have more than 150 and less than 300 diamonds in your account, then you can top up diamonds at a 20% discount. According to this discount, you can get 520 diamonds for $3.56 USD or 290 RS.
  • If you have more than 50 and less than 150 diamonds in your account, you will get 40% discount on top-up purchases, ie you can redeem 520 diamonds for 2.33$ or Rs.190.
  • And if you want to top up diamonds at a 60 % discount then your diamond should be less than 50. Here you will get 500 diamonds just for 1.16 United States dollars(USD) or 95 rupees.

In this way, you will get a chance to get 520 diamonds in free fire game. Usually, we have to spend 4.78 $ or 390 RS to get 500 diamonds but through this event, we will get it for just 1.16 USD.

Unlimited Diamonds Using Free Fire Special Airdrop

There are two real ways to get diamonds in free fire game. One is to buy diamond top up and another is a special airdrop offer. Hope you have used airdrop at least once to get diamonds. Airdrop is a special offer of this game through which we can get free skins, bundle packs, free characters as well as diamonds without any hack.

free fire special airdrop

However, we usually don’t get these airdrops very often. The price of this airdrop is 10 or 30 INR(18 to 54 Arg$ Argentine pesos) If you want to get diamonds in this game without hacking then this is how you can. With multiple airdrops, you can get 99999 diamonds, for which you need to open several airdrops.

Unlimited diamonds using Free Fire Advance Server

There are multiple servers in this game, one of which is the Free Fire Advanced Server. Free Diamonds are given to players on this server. But how? Since this is a beta update there is a possibility that this server may have one or more bugs. Garena gives us ff diamonds if we find any bugs after joining the free fire advance server. Also on this server, we can buy any item with only a single diamond.

How do we join on ff advance server?

  • To join the advance server, we need to go directly to the official website from any browser.
  • Then we have to log in through our Game ID ie Gmail or Facebook.
  • Then we have to download the APK file by registering on advance server.
  • Then we can join the advance server by entering the activation code.
  • After joining this server we are given free diamonds.

As a login bonus, here we get 100 free diamonds. We can get countless diamonds by completing various tasks like this. But to get real diamonds we need to find out bugs.

Get Diamonds by joining Free Fire Partner Program

The Garena company often gives free unlimited diamonds to players to promote their games. One such promotion is the Free Fire Partner Program. After joining the partner program we get free Diamond, V Batch, and other attractive ff rewards.

There are some conditions for joining the Free Fire Partner Program such as,

  • For this, we must have one lakh subscribers on YouTube.
  • Out of the entire content, 80 percent of the content should be related to Free Fire.

How to join on ff partner program?

  • Go to your phone’s browser.
  • Then visit the official website of the partner program,
  • Then provide the related details of your YouTube channel.
  • Then you have to fill a form and apply.
  • Once your form is accepted you will join the partner program and then you can get unlimited diamonds.

Diamonds Bonus from Game kharido

Many of us top up diamonds in this game and if we top up from the in-game store we don’t get any extra diamonds. But we get bonus diamonds when we top up diamonds from games kharido and codashop. So if you plan to top up double diamonds you can top up diamonds from and codashop store

free fire double diamond game kharido

How do we get double Diamonds from Games kharido?

  • First of all, go to the official website of Games Kharido Topup Center,
  • Then log in with your game ID, i.e. Facebook or Gmail.
  • After that select the payment method.
  • Now you have to choose the number of diamonds.
  • Finally, select diamonds and go to payment page.
  • After successful payment, you will get double diamond in your account.

Get Diamonds through Free Fire Redeem Code

The developers of Free Fire occasionally give us redeem codes. By redeeming these codes we get free emotes, bundle packs, skins, characters, and pets. Sometimes we get diamonds as an extra reward. That’s why you can use redeem code to get diamonds in free fire game.

free fire Coupon code

Diamond VoucherFTGR 67VR E37T
Free Fire 100000 DiamondsFFGY BGFD APQO
FF 50,000 diamond codesMJTFAER8UOP21
Diamonds BundleF2QA SFGY T5GH
200 DiamondsDJFY7 VG67 S4A5
520 diamonds87AS 5D6S V85S

How to redeem these codes and get diamonds?

  • First of all, open your phone browser.
  • Then go to this website,
  • Now select Login, you need to log in with either Facebook or Gmail.
  • Then enter your redeem code there.
  • Login into the game once the redemption is successful.
  • Finally, collect the rewards from the mailbox. If you have redeemed diamonds, it will be added directly to your account.

Google Opinion Rewards for Free Diamonds

Google Opinion Reward is an online survey app, where we get rewards by completing different surveys. Later we convert those rewards into redeem codes and take diamonds in the free fire. This is a popular app that is used to get free diamonds. We can buy 299 Diamonds of Special Airdrop with the rewards we receive through surveys. However, in this app, we get surveys every few days.

google opinion reward diamond

How to register on Opinion Rewards?

  • First of all, download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store.
  • Then open the app and click on Get Started and register with Gmail.
  • Then set up your profile, with country and Pincode, etc.
  • Continue after entering other profile details.

You will get the survey within a few hours after the account registration, if you complete it, the reward will be added to your account. Besides, you can complete surveys with multiple Gmail accounts and top up diamonds with that reward.

Diamonds without FF using hack app

There are many apps available in the play store with the help of which we can generate unlimited FF diamonds in free fire. In all these apps we can earn money by referring friends, and completing events. Later with that amount, we can take 10000 diamonds. We have mentioned some such apps below.

MyTournament- Esports Platform

MyTournament is a popular app with the help of which we can get diamonds in free fire games. In this app we can get cash by referring friends, completing tasks, and playing different tournaments. Also, we can earn money by playing tournaments with free fire players and withdraw that money to Paytm or bank account. Here are some special tournaments from which we can get diamonds on per kill. In this way, we can get unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire ID by using MyTournament app.

My Tournament diamond  hack apps

How to get diamonds with MyTournament app?

  • First of all download MyTournament app from play store.
  • Open the app and sign up.
  • Then connect with your Free Fire ID.
  • Then earn money or diamonds by completing daily tasks or playing tournaments.

Sports guru pro app

By using the sports guru pro app we can get unlimited coins and diamonds without hacking. This app is similar to MyTournament app where we have to collect points by completing daily tasks, playing different games, and referring friends. Later with those points, we can redeem free fire diamonds. Apart from diamonds, we can get unlimited coins using sports guru pro without hacks.

unlimited coins and diamonds sports guru pro

How to join Sports guru pro?

  • First of all download the app from the play store.
  • Then sign up.
  • After signing up, collect points by completing daily tasks, playing various games, and watching videos.
  • By redeeming all these points we get diamonds or coins.

mGamer app- Earn Money, Gift Card

Mgamer is a popular FF diamond generator app through which we get diamonds in free fire games. Along with free diamonds, we take gift cards, and Paytm cash through this app. Here we can top up diamonds by completing surveys like Google Opinion Rewards. Also, we can get coins by playing games, completing daily tasks, and later redeeming those coins into diamonds.

free diamonds using mgamer app

Mgamer is a popular FF diamond generator app through which we get diamonds in free fire games. Along with free diamonds, we take gift cards, and Paytm cash through this app. Here we can top up diamonds by completing surveys like Google Opinion Rewards. Also, we can get coins by playing games, completing daily tasks, and later redeeming those coins into diamonds.

What do we have to do to get the diamond?

  • Download mgamer app from the play store.
  • Open the app, log in, or sign up.
  • Complete tasks to earn coins. We can get 200 coins by referring friends to this app.
  • Once coins are collected, redeem diamonds with those coins.

Gift Play

Like other diamond generator apps, we can get unlimited diamonds in free fire game through the gift play app. Many players have taken 10000 diamonds with the help of this application. After joining here, we receive some coins instantly. Also, we can collect coins by daily login, spins, or completing some tasks. Later we can generate diamonds with those coins.

How to join and get diamonds?

  • First of all download the application from the play store.
  • Then register.
  • After signing up you will get some bonus coins.
  • Then collect more coins by completing daily tasks.
  • After collecting coins, top up diamonds with those coins.

Unlimited diamonds using free fire diamond hack application

Many people suggest mod apps to hack 99999 diamonds in free fire game. But all these applications are not safe enough and those applications contain harmful viruses. That’s why using all these diamond hack applications have some disadvantages.

Using these FF Diamond Hack Apps can cause our Free Fire ID permanently banned. That is why it is better not to take risks. Instead, you can use genuine diamond generator app which We have mentioned below.

ff diamond hack using Booyah app

Booyah is a trusted diamond generator app from Garena Company. Just like YouTube we can also create channels here and share our content. We can get unlimited 99999 diamonds for free through the watch2win option of this app. For this, we have to watch others’ live streaming. As long as we watch live streaming we will get diamonds accordingly.

ff diamonds using Booyah app

In addition, sometimes we see multiple campaigns on this app, where we can get diamonds by participating. Recently there was an event in this app called Blue Zone Campaign, where Free Fire players got 3000 Diamonds by participating. Also, we can earn money and redeem diamonds by uploading content on this app.

How to join this application?

  • First of all download the booyah application from the play store.
  • Then sign up.
  • Then connect your Free Fire ID there.
  • After connecting you can redeem diamonds by watching videos or uploading content.

Rooter app

Rooter is a popular watch & win rewards app, through which we can get 10000 diamonds for free. By completing different tasks we receive coins and use those coins to get diamonds in free fire game. Besides completing tasks, we earn coins by watching or uploading live-streaming videos. We can take diamonds according to the number of coins we have. Generally, we can get 300 diamonds for free from this app. If we have multiple accounts we can take 10000 diamonds.

free fire diamond hack application rooter

How to use this app?

  • Download the app from Play Store.
  • Next, register with your mobile number.
  • Once registered, connect to Free Fire ID.
  • Then complete different tasks and collect coins.
  • Once the coins have been collected, click on the Redeem Now option to redeem diamonds.

Get daily 10000 diamonds using Diamond Lo App

With the tricks that we will share now, you can get 10000 Diamonds in your Free Fire ID absolutely free. If you want to get diamonds in free fire game without a hack then you can use this FF diamond hack app. Diamond Lo is a great diamond hack alternative application through which you get free fire unlimited diamonds. In this app, we can get unlimited coins by daily spins, watching videos, scratching cards, reading articles, and claiming offers.

How to join?

  • First of all download the Diamond Lo app.
  • Open the app and log in.
  • Then enter the Paytm number and confirm.
  • Now collect coins by completing daily spins, daily tasks and other offers.
  • Then click on Redeem and enter Free Fire ID and get 10000 Diamonds.


In this way, you can get 99999 diamonds without hacking in your free fire game by following the tips and tricks we share. All the methods shared by us are genuine and 100 % effective. Apart from these, if you use any Free Fire Diamond Hack then your Free Fire ID may be banned. That’s why it’s better to stay away from any simple method like diamond hack app or free fire diamonds generator.

With the help of our shared tricks, you can easily get 50000 Diamonds in your Free Fire ID. Even 99999 diamonds are possible without hacking. Our tricks are 100 percent legit and your Free Fire ID will be safe and never banned, that’s our guarantee. However, we are not responsible if you use any other Free Fire Diamond Hack Generator no ban and your account gets banned.

FAQs – Free Fire Hack Diamond

how to get Diamonds using Free Fire 10000 Diamonds Hack Generator?

First of all, Free Fire Diamonds Hack Generator is a proverb. If you want to get 50000 or more diamonds in free fire game you have to spend money and buy diamonds, But you can get 10000 diamonds little by little using our genuine method.

How To Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999 Without Human Verification?

Free Fire Diamond Hack is never possible without human verification or human verification. Because Garena already has multiple anti-cheat protections.u003cbru003e

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