Free Fire Advance Server 2022: OB34 FF Advance Server Details


Free Fire Advance Server 2022: OB34 FF Advance Server Details (updated) – In today’s article, we will discuss the updated methods of Free Fire Advance Server 2022. AS well the next update of OB34. And we’re going to talk about some of the important benefits of these advanced servers.


We recently received an OB33 update. And a few days ago, the previous ff advance server was shut down. So the next free Fire Advance Server will be the OB34 Advanced server, and many of us have been waiting for it.

New updates are usually provided to make our gaming experience exciting and that we never get bored with the previous updates. Those of you who have played Free Fire Games regularly know that diamonds are only available for free on the Free Fire Advance server. No other server has this interesting feature. Therefore, ff advance servers are the best Free Fire server for free diamonds


These Free Fire Advance servers are only provided for testing purposes for a limited time. So that players can play more and if there are any bugs in the game, we will inform Garena Company about it. In return, players will receive some free diamonds as an ff reward.

What Is Free Fire Advance Server

Free fire Advance server ob34

Free Fire games usually have many servers, some of which are, the India server, Bangladesh server, Malaysia servers. But there is also another server that is the Free Fire Advance server. On this server, we can receive any item for free or just for a single diamond.

Now many of you will be wondering what Free Fire Advanced Server is, in short, do you know what new features will be added to the next updates? but on the ff advance server, you can use these new features.

Advanced servers are provided for a limited time. As soon as the servers are shut down, we will no longer be able to log in here. OB33 Advance Server was recently shut down on March 17. If you want to play Free Fire Advanced Server now, you’ll have to wait for the next update of the OB34 Advanced server.

Not everyone can join these servers, only a limited number of players are allowed to join. If you want to participate in these servers, you must register in advance. We’ll talk about that later.

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Benefits Of Free Fire Advance Server

We all know that advanced servers are specified before the major version of the game is updated. This means that playing on advanced servers should have some advantage. There are many benefits of Free Fire Advance Server, but some of the important benefits are:

Free fire Advance server ob34
  • As a leak in the next version of the game, we only know what new feature, map, weapon skin, which character is coming. But we’re getting an idea of the new features that will be available on FF advanced servers, and we’re getting our hands on this stuff.
  • Advance servers are offered because as a beta update there must be bugs are out there that will be fixed in the final update so that we can enjoy a flawless experience.
  • We get Free Unlimited Diamond. And all these diamonds we get for free which means we don’t have to spend money. Only by logging in here can we get around 100+ Diamonds.
  • We can get premium packs and special characters, as well as pets for free on these advanced servers.
  • In Free Fire Advance Server, we can play unlimited custom rooms with our friends.
  • And most importantly, we get some diamonds if we can get an idea of ​​the bugs and report these bugs that exist on the advanced servers.

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Free Fire Advance Server Download Process 2022

To join the free Fire Advance server, you must download the free fire advance server and register there. You can find it on the official website of Garena Free Fire. There, you must first register on the FF Advance server. This is not possible if you think you can download advanced servers without Advance Server Registration.

Free fire Advance server download

In this case, you can download the advanced server, but if you are not registered, you will not receive the Advance Server Code from Garena Free Fire. Signing up for free fire advance server registration is super easy. Here is explained in detail how to download the free fire Advanced Server.

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Free Fire Advance Server Registration Process 2022

  • For the registration process, You can open any browser on the phone and search for the free Fire Advance server on Google. From there, you need to go to the official website of the Garena Free Fire Advance server.
  • Once the page opens you will see two types of login options, now you need to login here.
  • You can either Sign in using Facebook or Gmail, but You must sign in with the email or Facebook which is linked with your game ID.
  • After signing in, you’ll need to fill out the forms in order to complete the registration process on the Fire Advance server.
  • In case of registration, you have to fill up the form with your own name, email id, and phone number and click the Join Now button.
  • Once the registration is successful You will receive the APK file to download the free fire Advance server. You’ll have to download and install it.
  • Before downloading the Free Fire Advance Server apk, you will receive an activation code make sure you note down the activation code somewhere safe. After installing the application, you must register as a guest.
  • After the guest login, you need to enter the activation code there, then you can become a part of the ff advance server.

OB34 FF Advance Server Details

Many of you must have downloaded and played OB33 Advanced Server. Now, after the OB33 update, we get the next update which is Free Fire OB34. We will discuss when and how this Free Fire Advance server can be downloaded.

Free fire Advance server ob34

Recently, the free Fire OB33 Advance server was completely shut down on March 17. The next ff advanced servers will be launched exactly two months after an advanced server is completely shut down. Or a few weeks or months before the next update arrives.

Free fire OB34 Advance server pre-registration update Release

So you can imagine that we will probably get the next free Fire OB34 Advanced server in March. We will tell you that just a few days before the next OB34 update, go to the Free Fire Advance Server website and try to register there. But at the beginning of March make sure you go to the Advance Server website and try to register there.


OB34 FF Advance Server Release Update

After the ob33 update in a few months, the Garena community is about to release the ob34 update, the season 12 will end on May 25, so the next ob update will release near the last week of May. We haven’t received any official announcement yet.

Free Fire OB34 Update Leaks

We expect to see some major and minor changes in the next update of OB34. All leaks are not 100% confirmed. Here are some new changes we’ll get in the next free Fire update.

  • The new sniper rifle is probably m24.
  • New female character and unique special abilities.
  • New weapons in the inventory are golden m14 and m500 Antonio.
  • More pets.
  • Interesting new free fire events.
  • Custom Controls.

Free Fire Advance Server Code

Free fire Advance server code

You all must know about FF Advance Server Code. Even before the major update of the game comes, it is given to the advance server, then the rest of the free fire players receive the update. But no one will be able to log in Free Fire Advance Server as they wish. A special code is required to log in to this advanced server.

If we participate in ff Advanced Server, we can see the upcoming updates here in advance, and also get some rewards. Many free Fire Player participants in Advanced Server so that they can get Diamond for free. because these are the free fire best servers for free diamonds.

The code of this advanced server is officially provided by Garena to everyone who registers in the advanced server. We get the code only after downloading the apk and registering on the advance server.
Note: Up to 10 players can join this server with a single code.

FAQs About Free Fire Advance Server 2022

  1. u003cstrongu003eWhen next ff advance server will be availableu003c/strongu003e?

    As far as I'm concerned we can get the next free fire advanced server update in march. The exact date is still hard to guess, but I think we'll get the update in the first week of March.

  2. u003cstrongu003eHow can we get diamonds in the Free Fire advance serveru003c/strongu003e?

    We can get a lot of diamonds on these advanced servers. We can earn diamonds by registering daily, completing achievements, and leveling up. Remember that we cannot transfer these diamonds to our global account. But yes, since this is a beta update, these advanced servers are likely to have a lot of bugs. Garena gives us some diamonds as a reward for reporting these bugs.

  3. How To Download Free Fire Advance Server Without registration?

    You really can't. You should first register or join on the FF Advance server. Then you are able to download the ff advance server.

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