Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom…Which is better?

We all know the android operating system is very popular among all the operating systems. Android
operating system based on Linux, developed by Android, Inc in 2015 later google purchase android and
took over its development. The android operating system is open and free. All the Codes release on an
open-source Apache License which means anyone can build Customizable Os by downloading the full
source code. Not only the Rom of a smartphone, but
the processor of a smartphone have also a vital role

so 2 types of rom is available for android one is fully customized (Custom rom) and another is stock rom.
Custom rom

So check the difference between Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom

-What is a Stock Rom?

It’s an Os that comes installed on the phone or tablet by the manufacturer itself with some app pre-
installed.In stock rom the manufacturers limit the function and feature of the phone or tablet for
safety purposes.A Stock ROM based on the Android platform and its open source. Any developer can
easily access the code and edit it, recompile it, and re-release it for another android as custom ROM.

-What is Custom  ROM ??

Its the modified version of stock rom.Custom from developed by the third party developer. It consist of
unlimited customization.It can be used by other phones which can unlock extra feature also
increase performance and battery life of the mobile phones.when some of the manufacturer company
stopped updates for certain mobile phone that means you cannot get further updates but with the help
of custom ROM we can update our phones to next android version .

Example of Custom ROMS

There are some non-protiable organization who uses source code and compile the ROM and releases for
the user at free of cost.Its free because we all know that coding is fun and it will increase the knowledge
of the devloper.Below I mentioned some of the non-profitable ROM developing organizations.
-Droid On Time (DOT OS)-
AOSP Based from (Android Open Source Project)-
Cyanogen Mod (Latter renamed Lineage OS)
-Bliss OS
-Reloaded OS
-Corvus OS

 No one wants bugs in their programming. Every time manufacturers of the rom try to keep their
program bug free. They test the program before it’s release. Companies are mainly focused on creating
a bug-free program. That’s why the chances of having a bug in Stock ROM have become lesser.  

-Advantages of Stock ROM

Security – Security is the main reason why everyone chooses stock ROM over Custom ROM. All the
Stock ROM developed by the reputed companies so there is no chance for any kind of malware to attack
our device because some devices come with locked. In order to install custom from you need to
unlock your phone.

Warranty– Sraying with Stock ROM does not affect the warranty. This is one of the
reasons why users don’t use custom ROM over Stock ROM.

However, some manufacturers of Android devices gives still warranty after unlocking devices.

-Disadvantages of Stock ROM

Manufacturer companies are restricted limits of the device, Because if the device reaches its limit device
may heat up. This means You may face problems while doing a heavy task on your device. Like playing
higher graphics or playing games, etc.

-Less Space -Stock ROMs come with some pre-Installed app by manufacturing companies. You are not
able to remove or uninstalled your manufacturer’s pre-installed apps. Which fills your device storage. It
is the most unliked part of Stock ROM.

-Updates -Most irritating part of Stock ROM is that you need to wait a long for your manufacturer to send
the update to get new and exciting features in your device. Also after sometime manufacturer, o stops
sending the update. In that case, you are stuck on the same android version.

-Advantages of Custom ROM


Android Custom ROMs are highly customizable.  It is very easy to install different custom ROMs. You can
easily customize the looks of the system and also enhance the performance of the system.

-Better Performance and Battery life

On Custom ROM you can customize your device as you want which
means there will be no unwanted app like Stock ROM. Also, you can restrict the background process
means more available ram and this can save you battery life and internet data. With custom ROMs, you
can find a ROM customized to your unique device. That means better performance, better battery life,
and a wide range of other benefits.

-Frequently updates 

How many of you still didn’t get the android  10 updates?? isn’t frustrating , to
know about a newer android version arrives but your manufacturer stopped further update. So here
comes Custom ROM we can download ROM and get the update simple. 

-Disadvantages of Custom ROM

Like advantage, we also face disadvantages on installing Custom ROM

-Void Warranty

 Installing a custom ROM will in most cases void your phone’s warranty, but in some cases the process is
reversible, meaning you can turn your phone back to stock as long as it isn’t bricked.
Installing a ROM to your phone requires you to root or unlock bootloader  first in most cases. 
While unlocking devices or rooting most phones is easy, some phones require a complicated step to
install Custom ROM, and often, such STEP involves the risk of making the phone dead or useless.

-Loss of data
Installing a custom ROM needs wiping cache and data which may cause lose your data on storage, so
you will lose your data and need to start from scratch. You will be lost your saved settings and other
apps data. Also formatting data and wipe cache cause you to lose contacts, messages, call logs, and apps backup

 Custom ROMs are complied by the developer not tested by any authority or genuine manufacturers. So,
it might contain some Bugs in it. If you are planning to install a Custom ROM then ready for facing bugs.

As we know android is based on Linux and Linux is virus-free. In order to install a Custom ROM, we need
to unlock the phone bootloader or root our device this is the first step. Manufacturer locked our device,
for this reason, no third party app can affect our phone. But our device might get infected by malware if
the device is unlocked or rooted.Also, some banking apps won’t run if the device is rooted.


Custom ROMs are good but they are not at privacy and security.Choosing between a stock ROM and
Custom ROM  is really a matter of your requirements. If the stock ROM on your phone lets you do all
that you ever want to do with your phone and doesn’t feel slow, there isn’t any need to go through the
trouble of circumventing your phone’s security and installing a custom ROM to it.However, if you want
to take your phone beyond what it currently offers, don’t care much about the warranty and are ready
to take the risk of whatever may happen if things go wrong to be able to customize it the way you want,
a custom ROM is at times the only solution. Choose wisely!

N.B. “Source guruji never promoting any kind of custom ROM or stock ROM. Also, it is advised not to use custom ROM because it can damage your handset so it is your choice what you want. Source guruji is not responsible for any kind of matter regarding custom ROM or stock ROM.”

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