Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom Pro and Cons …Which is better in 2022?


Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom Pro and Cons …Which is better in 2022?

These days we are mostly using smartphones and wherever we go Android smartphones are the most used. This is because Android distributes smartphones at a very cheaper price. And every smartphone has an Operating System installed. In general, the function of an operating system is to create a connection between software and hardware.


Android Operating System is a very popular and widely used Operating System for mobile among all the Operating Systems. Android operating system based on Linux, developed by Android, Inc in 2015 later google purchase android and took over its development.

The android operating system is open-source and free. All the Codes are released on an open-source Apache License which means anyone can build Customizable Os by downloading the full source code. Not only the Rom of a smartphone but the processor of a smartphone have also a vital role.


If you are using an Android smartphone, then at least for once in a while you will have updated the version of Android. Or if you want to update the android version then you will find there are two ways to do that. And we’ll discuss these two methods one by one and in the end, you will be able to understand which one is right for you.

So there are 2 types of ROM available for android, one is fully customized (CUSTOM ROM) and another is STOCK ROM. You can also check the XDA forum page regarding custom ROM vs stock ROM, which is written by us.
stock rom

So check the difference between Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom

-What is a Stock Rom?

Stock ROM is an operating system developed by the manufacturer itself when we purchase a mobile.UI means the User Interface is different for each manufacturing company but ROM comes the same that Google provides them. For Example, MIUI comes with the Xiaomi phone, Samsung uses ONE UI and One Plus provide Oxygen OS. Basically, stock ROM is made for a normal user who usually uses their phone as a daily driver.

But, in stock ROM the manufacturers limit the function and feature of the phone or tablet for our safety purposes. A Stock ROM basically based on the Android platform and its open source. Any developer can easily access the code and edit it, recompile it, and re-release it, this is called CUSTOM ROM.

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-What is Custom  ROM ??

There is various type of Custom ROM available, XDA is the main householder of all Custom ROM. In simple words, It’s the modified version of stock ROM. Custom ROMs are usually made by third-party developers or companies, so that extra features can be added to the phone which consists of lots of customization.

It can be used by other phones which can unlock extra features also increase performance and battery life at the same time. When some of the manufacturer companies stopped providing updates for certain devices which means you cannot get any further updates but at that time with the help of custom ROM we can update our phones to the next android version.


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Example of Custom ROMS

There are some non-profitable organization that uses source code and recompile the code and releases it for us free of cost. It’s free because source codes are often open-source and we all know that coding is fun and it will increase the knowledge
of the developer.

Below I mentioned some of the non-profitable ROM developing organizations.

  1. Droid On Time (DOT OS) AOSP Based from (Android Open Source Project)
  2. Cyanogen Mod (Latter renamed Lineage OS)
  3. Bliss OS
  4. Reloaded OS
  5. crDroidPixel Experience
  6. Aex(Aosp Extended)
  7. Corvus OS (also known as gaming rom)
  8. Omni ROM

Advantages of Stock ROM



Most Android users prefer Stock ROM because of device security. All stock ROM is developed first by Google and later by reputed companies so there is less chance for any kind of malware to attack our device because each and every device come with a Locked Bootloader. For this reason, third-party apps cant be installed automatically. Due to which you have to unlock the Bootloader in order to install Custom ROM. That is why your mobile is much safer due to security.


As long as you are in the STOCK ANDROID ROM, your mobile will have a warranty. Usually, the smartphones companies give us a one-year warranty, and we never want our device warranty to void before that time period, and if it gets worse then we have to fix it with our own pocket money. That’s why most of the users shift to the STOCK ROM after the warranty is void. And stick with STOCK ROM for that purpose. This is one of the valuable reasons why users don’t use custom ROM over Stock ROM.

Battery Life

Stock Android does not have any extra features which consume battery life, resulting in longer battery health. Also, mobile companies limit the processor speed of our phones. This means the clock speeds of the CPU and GPU are under-clocked, meaning that the CPU and GPU will provide as much speed as needed when using an application. As a result, battery life is greatly extended.

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Bug Free

The coding in stock ROM was first released by Google as open-source and then the manufacturing companies changed their UI and released their own Android version. There are usually many skillful developers behind making a stock ROM. In the case of stock Android version updates, the specific manufacturer companies release the software as a beta version before that and if there is a bug, fixes it and releases its global stable version, allowing us to use ROM with bug free features.


However, even after unlocking the mobile bootloader, many manufacturing companies offer warranties, although.

Disadvantages of Stock ROM


Stock Android usually comes with more apps than it needs, which are called bloatware, and having all these apps installed takes up a lot of space and RAM in the phone, which gives us less RAM to use.

Besides, Manufacturers limit the device’s performance, as the device may overheat when it reaches its limit. For example, they keep the CPU and GPU under-clocked, and as a result, we don’t get the maximum performance we expect from the device. Due to this, we have to face problems sometimes during heavy tasks. Like multiple tasks or playing games, etc.

Less Space

Many unwanted apps come pre-installed in stock ROM. Which we cannot easily remove or uninstall, because these are system apps, to uninstall them, we need to have the phone rooted or have superuser permission. Which very quickly fills our mobile storage. Which sometimes makes us think, it would be better if we could have more storage on our phones. It is the most unliked part of Stock ROM.


Most irritating part of Stock ROM is that we have to wait months or years for a newer and more feature updated version of Android. Sometimes the phones that are too old, the manufacturer companies, stop sending updates to those phones. In that case, we have to use the device with the same old android version with old features.Which is kind of boring.

Advantages of Custom ROM



Android Custom ROMs are highly customizable. In some particular Custom ROMs, we can customize almost everything, such as Ancient OS. we all want new customizations on our phones, and it looks a lot cooler. To be honest, it is very easy to install different custom ROMs nowadays. You can easily customize the looks of the system UI and also enhance the performance of the system at the same time.


Better Performance and Battery life

Each Custom ROM has different options to make new and unique customizations. Besides, there are no such unwanted apps that are present in the Stock ROM. And if so, we can uninstall those apps via root or modules. Custom ROMs allow us to turn off background processes which limit the consumption of a lot of RAM and battery and internet data. 

With custom ROMs, we can find a ROM customized section for your unique device. Wherever we want, we can underclock or overclock the phone and it comes with lots of new extra features. That means better performance, greater battery life.


Frequently updates 

How many of us have not yet received the update of android  11?? isn’t annoying, how would you feel when you find out that there is a new Android version is available for another phone of your brand but the manufacturing company has stopped giving software updates for your device, and because of this the demand for Custom ROMs has increased tremendously. And using Custom ROM we can enhance the user experience of a new Android System.

Security Patch

It will never be the case that you will get an October security patch in January, like Stock ROM. Here we see either a recent security patch or a security patch a week ago or a month ago.


Disadvantages of Custom ROM

Like the Advantages, Custom ROMs have a few disadvantages that many of you may not know about, here are some.

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Void Warranty

If we use a custom ROM within the warranty period, it means that we have unlocked the bootloader of the phone. In which case the warranty period of our mobile may be lost, but in some cases the process is reversible. This means if we go back to the Stock ROM like before we will get our warranty back, but for that, the device’s bootloader must be locked and the device must not be hard bricked.

Most of the time to install a Custom ROM wee need to have the bootloader unlocked on our devices or have Magisk installed with it. Unlocking bootloaders or rooting is kind of easy for some phones, some phones require a complicated step to do all this. If we install Custom ROM on those phones then our phone might be dead or our data might be lost, So w at least need some basic knowledge to install Custom ROM.

Loss of data

In order to install a Custom ROM on our devices, we must have to wipe cache and format the data, in many cases our internal storage gets formatted. Due to which app, data, photos, videos, and contacts are all deleted as it is saved in our devices. Which we may never be able to recover later.


In most cases, custom ROMs are ported from a specific device, which means we may encounter Bugs if we want to use the features of that device on our phones. Custom ROMs are usually developed by third-party developers and there is no beta versions are released, resulting in many Bugs can be found in the final stable version. That’s why if we want to install custom ROM we can see a lot of Bugs.


As everyone knows that Android is built on Linux Operating System. Unlocking the bootloader and rooting the device is the main priority. The reason why manufacturer companies locked the bootloader is that no malware can attack and damage our devices. Sometimes, we cant access banking apps in any way because our phone is rooted. That’s why most of the users prefer to stick with Stock ROM,

FAQ About Custom ROM vs Stock ROM

  1. Are custom ROMs better than stock ROMs?

    In general, all the custom ROM are user-specific which usually offers customization, performance better screen on time, and many more features. if you really want anyone of these then custom ROMs are handy.

  2. Are custom ROMs faster?

    Sure it is, Custom ROMs come with less bloatware installed by default. As result, we get extra storage, and sometimes custom ROMs consume less RAM hence apps open much faster than stock ROM.

  3. What are the disadvantages of custom ROM?

    The drawbacks are negligible but there are 2 major disadvantages such as unlocking the bootloader may void your device warranty, and second, the chances of facing BUGs. There are still a few more but we can ignore them.


Custom ROM and Stock ROM both are good. Which is better depends on your usage. If you want more performance and your main focus is gaming and customization then Custom ROM is the best choice for you, or if you are a normal user then Stock ROM might be the best choice for you.

If you want to hear my thought, I personally like Custom ROM very much. I already used more than 4 brands of mobile and at the first time I also faced some issues regarding the installation process currently I am a gamer also, I like to play PUBG MOBILE. You already know how much RAM and PROCESSOR we need at least to play this game also I am a Youtube also, it’s my hobby to share my gameplay with my viewer I own POCO F1 and it would never have been possible without a Custom ROM. Besides I like customization so I prefer Custom ROM and I do with all of my risks.

However, last but not least Custom ROM has its advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t install Custom ROM properly, your device may go to soft brick or hard brick. Our suggestion is if you have any idea about this and you want to install Custom ROM then watch some tutorial videos on youtube. Or if you don’t want to get in so much trouble then make yourself comfortable with Stock ROM.

N.B. “Source guruji never promoting any kind of custom ROM or stock ROM. Also, it is advised not to use custom ROM because it can damage your handset so it is your choice what you want. Source guruji is not responsible for any kind of gain or loss regarding custom ROM or stock ROM.”

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