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Christmas Crib Online Ideas 2022-Although Christmas and Crib are used together but these are two different words. And these two words are used together nowadays. We can’t celebrate Christmas without Crib. In this article, we will discuss, what a Crib is, why it is needed, and the history behind it, and how we can make Christmas Crib, and some basic Christmas Crib ideas. And we will discuss in detail why it is so important to make a Christmas Crib. And at the end, we will share some Christmas Crib Ideas.

Christmas crib

What Is Christmas Crib?

The Christmas Crib(also known as Nativity scene or Manger scene) is used to describe the scene where Jesus was born. Cribs are usually made by Christians or those who believe in Christianity, are the ones who usually make Cribs. And Cribs are made on the occasion of Christmas.

Basic Christmas Crib Ideas

There is no definite shape or form of what the Christmas Crib looks like. It may look different from person to person. It all depends on our creativity. We share some Christmas Crib Ideas with you.


And there are no restrictions on what it might look like. Cribs can be made over time and based on our current situation. There was a catastrophic tsunami on December 26, 2004, at which time Crib was also built based on the tsunami. That’s what we mean, it’s up to us to decide what the Christmas Crib will look like, what the theme will be. Christmas Cribs can also be made by expressing the situation of daily life.

Christmas crib

To make or decorate a Christmas crib you need to have some essential items like some statues of mother Mary, father Joseph, angels, some animals, three astrologers some of their animals like a camel with two more animals. These are some essential items needed to make a Christmas Crib Ideas.

All of this is taken from the Bible, and everything we have told you so far is present in the Bible.

At the birth of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph went to heaven and sent a message. And angels brought some animals with him then the star was seen, and behind came three astrologers and some animals with him.

These are must-haves, but can we make a Christmas Crib without these? We will discuss this later.

History Behind The Christmas Crib

There is no definite proof of how to make a Christmas Crib, it is quite clear. Because at that time people don’t have enough time and plans on how to make it. People did not have much time to practice and judge in this matter.

But history says that in 380 AD the church had a tomb where Christians were buried. There was a scene that is called Christmas Crib today.

St. Francis of Assisi after visiting the Holy Land, longed for the Italians to see and experience what he saw. And to make people understand what happened on that day of Christmas, Christmas Crib was made. In 1223 at Greccio, the first Crib or Nativity scene was performed with living humans and animals. Later began to place Cribs with idols instead of humans.

But in today’s society, can we celebrate Christmas without Crib?

Absolutely not.

Christmas means we’re used to seeing Cribs in churches and in homes from an early age. We can’t even imagine celebrating Christmas without Crib.

Christmas crib

But the reason why Christmas Crib is made will be discussed later.

How can we make Christmas Cribs the easy way?

Maybe we’ve never made a Christmas Crib before in our lives, we’re going to make one for the first time. But we’ve seen a lot before.

 We don’t have all the idols that are needed to make a Crib. It could be Mother Mary, it could be Father Joseph,

So can we make Cribs without all these idols?

Yes, of course, we can.

Crib-making is compulsory in some schools and colleges, so what do many of them do.

 Some put the Holy Bible in between two chairs together, while others put a picture of God in the chair. That can be possible. It is not necessary to make Christmas Cribs with idols or statues. Just keep in mind that with the advent of Christmas we have to make a place for Jesus to be with us, this is how it can be made.


Why make a Christmas crib?

In fact, there are a number of reasons why should we make Christmas Crib, that we will discuss with you one by one.

For Spiritual Preparation

We can make a crib a few days before Christmas to celebrate the festival with our family members.

You may wonder what spiritual preparation has to do with making a Christmas Crib.

Christmas crib

By making Crib we mean that we are preparing ourselves for Christmas and we welcome Jesus to our home. That is why we must first prepare ourselves first.

To Adapt Yourself To Reality

The birth of Jesus is not a myth, it has happened before. By making the Christmas Crib we reveal this fact through all of us and make it known to everyone that this is how Jesus was born. And it helps a lot to acknowledge the fact.

To Personalize The Gods Love

We usually make a Christmas crib before the 24th of December. From that time onwards, the arrival of astrology or sometimes celebrated till New Year. Many of us pray in front of Crib. If you make Christmas Crib at home, you don’t need a father to honor Crib.

In this prayer, it is said that anyone who visits Cribe should have a vision of Jesus. A Crib is a kind of medium. Praying in front of the Crib reveals Jesus’ love for us and the mystery of being God.

A way to tell people about God.

The Crib is used as a means of expressing the form of God in front of people. We make it clear that God is with us and within us. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean we have to celebrate the festival. People of other religions can also observe this festival. And through Crib philosophy we can awaken love and reverence for God and humans.

Christmas crib

Helps to maintain unity among the people of the society.

Build a strong bond between us. Among the people who made the Christmas Crib together. We see many different types of people working together to make Crib, where young people, mothers, sisters, and many other people come together. And works in the union. A bond of trust and unity developed between them.

Helps Maintain Unity In Family

It plays a vital role in maintaining unity in society as well as in the family. Nowadays everyone in the family has a personal mobile and they are busy there. But because of the Christmas Crib, maybe everyone can stop using the mobile and get involved in making Cribs together and everyone enjoys Christmas. Through Christmas Crib, our relationships with family members can become stronger and our faith can be stronger.

This was our topic today. What’s the history behind the Christmas Crib. How can we make Crib the easy way? And why make a Christmas Crib.

We think it is important for us to make a Christmas Crib, if you can, you should make a Crib, and because God has given us love and devotion in the form of a human being. So as a human by making a crib we can inspire ourselves and inspire others too.

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