MIUI 12.5 Update and Supported Devices

Miui 12.5

According to Xiaomi, Before MIUI 13, Xiaomi decided to launch MIUI 12.5 updates with android version 11 The latest MIUI 12.5 will be the first to run on the Mi 11 series of smartphones. The 12.5 updateoffers improved privacy features and new features also with security updates. As per Xiaomi, The MIUI12.5 update brings much …

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Best Processor of smartphone history. Top 5 Processors


What is a processor? The processor is the “brain” of every Device either  it’s a computer or smartphone. A smartphone processor, also known as the chipset, is a component that controls everything going on in our smartphone. A faster and latest processor allows applications to run faster but which processor is really faster? MHz or …

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Top 3 smartphone displays. Which display is best ?

Top 3 smartphone displays

 A display’s quality is generally measured by the sharpness and colors it produces.   LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.   and it is one of the most commonly used displays by OEMs on their devices. LCD is further categorized into two types on the basis of the technology used to make them. The two types are IPS LCD …

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Custom Rom Vs Stock Rom…Which is better?

We all know the android operating system is very popular among all the operating systems. Androidoperating system based on Linux, developed by Android, Inc in 2015 later google purchase android andtook over its development. The android operating system is open and free. All the Codes release on anopen-source Apache License which means anyone can build Customizable Os by downloading the …

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