Best Tips For Designing With Illustrator 2022: The Simplest, Easiest Guide


Illustrator is a very important app for graphic design.This app is used by designers, just like anyone who uses this app for their own needs.In fact, this app is very easy to use. Here we can take different layers for each step and sort each design according to that layer.In addition to this,  we can use this app in other ways like if we want to use a lot of effects in our design then this is also very important.

Design with illustrator

These apps have some special effects like we can convert any image directly to vector. This is just one example of using this app.So we have shared some examples of this illustrator here so that we can understand how important it is to design the app. Next we will talk about all the features of this app and also why it is very important for everyone.

Why Illustrator is Important?

For designing in any app or anything, there are the two main styles.That is AI and Illustration design.There are many different designs.But for illustrator we can design in a very easy way with this app.In this particular app or designer it is very easy to convert one image to vector.Designing in this app is very simple as it has multiple layers.It is a design app which can be used by any designer.

Designing With Illustrator

Top Tips for Designing With Illustrator: The Simplest, Easiest Guide

Designing With Illustrator is made by Adobe.This app is designed for designers who love digital design and also need to work with vector graphics.Since this app is designed for designers, it gives designers a lot of options.

Introduction Of Designing With Illustrator

This article is made with the aim of designing an app for that needs.


The Importance of IllustratorThis app is very important for anyone who is designing their own designs, designing for digital publishing or anything like that.If you take time out, you will find out that this is the best application for any of your designing needs.It is just that you need to know more about how to use it.This is why we have tried to give a simple, easy-to-follow guide so that anyone can learn to use this.It will just take you a minute or two of your time so that you can be sure that you can begin using this very easily.

Get Started in Of Designing With Illustrator

If you think that this app is too complicated and you are not sure how you should use it then you should not worry.It is easy to learn and anyone can do it with little time at all.It just takes just a minute of your time.

Different Tools in IllustratorThere are different tools that are available in this app.There are some tool such as circles and squares that we use when we design a logo. So there are many tools apart from this. 

Pros Of Designing With Illustrator

Now we will discuss some of the special features of this software. This software has some special features that distinguish this software from other software. We will now highlight all the features below.

  • Simple but also very powerful app Used by many graphic designers
  • The templates are very beautiful and they are available free
  • Great UI, tons of options, tons of tutorials for you
  • It works in many ways that a simple designer like us can use it easily and still do a lot of things
  • The most popular format of Adobe Illustrator is AI format. This format is so popular that it is widely available on the Internet. This is why we can download vectors of this format from the Internet and work on it, which is one of the special features of Illustrator software.
  • We can also find EPS, FXG, AIT, SVG format which are also very popular. These format also define illustrator as a great designing software among any other popular software.

Cons Of Designing With Illustrator

This designing software illustrator has some downside also. For example

  • working with large graphics in this software increases the number of layers, so working with all the layers can cause a lot of problems if you’re a beginner.
  • Also in this software when we work on some big size graphics, if the specification of our computer is not very good, then the computer is likely to hang.
  • It is a big app and takes a lot of time to render to vector or from vector to other image formats
  • It is expensive The free version might be the easiest but still, designers should also buy the pro version

One of the most popular aspects of Adobe Illustrator is its tools. With these tools we can create a variety of creative designs. Some of the most popular of these tools are: Pen Tools, Direct Selection Tool, Also Type Tool, Paint Brush Tool, Grid Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Artboard Tool, Scale Tool, Mesh tool


Pen Tool For Of Designing With Illustrator

This tool is a standard tool in illustrator.Here it is used to create lines in different shapes.Here it is not a graphic design tool but just a tool for normal line drawing.In this tool we can create line on any shape that we want. For example we can create simple circle by using this tool. We can make a line with a circle and then remove it by removing one corner of it.If we have a circle, then we can make a shape with it as well.

Blob Brush Tool Of Designing With Illustrator

Blob brush tool is very important tool in illustrator. We can draw different types of line through this blob brush tool. We can also select width of any line before drawing a line. We can also select line color, We can also select stroke width, variable width profile, brush definition etc through this tool.


So these are some of the benefits of using the illustrator app for a designer and in addition the entire app is very simple to use and the layout designer must use this app very frequently if he/she has to design a graphic.All these are the illustrations and tips that I can share for you to know how important this app is.

We can share tips with these particular illustrator apps for us so that we can know all the various aspects of this app. In addition, we can make our design more beautiful if we use the illustrator application.The learning curve in the app is very small so in case the design company doesn’t have an illustrator, it can be used by the graphic designers as well.With that said, we have discussed some benefits of using this app.

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