Apex Legends Mobile Patch Note 2022: New Apex Characters and Release Date


Apex Legends Mobile Patch Note 2022: New Apex Characters and Release Date


In This article, we will discuss a very popular game Apex Legends Mobile, which is very similar to PUBG. More than 1 million people downloaded the game in 9 hours when it was released, From here you can guess how popular this game has become.


Apex Legends Mobile: Overview

This game is also a Squad Based Battle Royal game like PUBG, the game has been launched by Electronics Art Company also known as EA. Titanfall is a very popular game developed by Respoon Entertainment, the developer of this game has developed the Apex Legends Mobile. It’s a free game but only available for PS4, Xbox, and PC, but a mobile version will be released soon, we will discuss this later. As we said earlier, it is a squad-based game.


Apex Legends Mobile Vs PUBG

This game can be played by 3 members of each squad, and one player can choose one character from 8 different characters, and each character will have a different unique ability. If we talk about the rules of the game, then there will be no duplicate characters in the game. If you compare it with PUBG, that’s just one map in this game. You have to land from a plan same just like PUBG, and if you want, you can land alone pr you can follow your teammate.

Apex Legends Mobile:Never Lost Your Friend

The best part about this game is that your teammate can save you after you die, but there will be some terms and conditions. Here too you will be able to loot drops like PUBG, which are a little more powerful. If you want to play this game, you have to play as a squad with your friends, because this game does not have any solo mode. That’s why either you have to play with your 2 friends or with a random player.


Apex Legends Mobile Vs PUBG: Game play Overview

Why This Is So Much Popular And Some Advantages of This Game So, let’s discuss the strategy of this game and what’s so special about this game, Let’s talk about some of the advantages, which makes this game a little special from the rest. Titan Fall and Apex Legends Mobile are both developers are same, so Apex Legends Mobile’s graphics are similar to Titanfal’s. Let us clear you why this game is so much popular like PUBG and Fortnight. Like PUBG and Fourth Night, this game also has some special features which make this game so unique. The specialty of this game is LEGENDS which are game characters.

There are 8 legend characters in this game, each of them has 3 special abilities of legend characters. In PUBG there are 100 players in a match. In PUBG, If you survive till the last zone that’s a lot of the time killer sometimes this feels boring, but the Apex Legends Mobile can be played by 60 players as a squad of 3 people and the team that survive till the end will be the winner, it will take a maximum of twenty minutes for you to play a match if you survive the last. You will be able to revive your team just like PUBG, but there’s an advantage here if you can’t revive him and if he dies you can bring him back again, and he can play with you again, but you can do it before Cooldown.

Apex Legends Mobile : Why Its Different From PUBG

In fact, the concept of this game is the same as PUBG, but not similar. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of this game. This game does not have any means. That means it doesn’t matter how far you are from the ground if you jump from there you won’t take any damage your health will not decrease.

There are so many maps on PUBG, but this game has only one map. This means you can understand all the locations on the map very well. If you are a pro player in the PUBG, it does not mean that you are a pro player here and you alone can wipe the full squad alone that’s rear, teamwork in this game is very important. The game title Apex Legends Mobile defines that every

character as a legend. Just like PUBG, you can pin the direction of the enemy and tell the location of the enemy and if you want to share something with your Team Mate, you can also share it by pinning. That’s all the advantages about this game now let’s talk about the mobile version of Apex Legends Mobile when it will release it for android and Ios platforms.

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Apex Legends Mobile: Gameplay and Legend Tokens


Apex Characters : Apex Legends New Characters

I already told you what kind of game is Apex Legends Mobile! Actually, there are 8 Legends you can find in this Game. Those are


All those legends have their special abilities and Special personality. One legend is totally different from another. So all the individual legends are unique. Strategy always takes an important role while you’re going to select a legend. You know your personal ability and your own play skills so select a legend whom you can control properly. You can also get skins of every legends so upgrade them with your own unique style. When you play the game you may know the word Chaos Ensues which is actually a strategic call. You’ll definitely feel some great and unbelievable features like EPIC FLIGHTS which is actually a JUMP MASTER ability.

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Legend Token is like virtual cash which is used here to upgrade everything. In PUBG we use UC to purchase anything and here Legend tokens are used to buy anything. You can get legend tokens by playing the game and every time you increase your level.

When Apex Legends Mobile Will Be Available For Mobile Devices

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available for pc and console platforms and no one could have imagined that we could play PC games on a smartphone with the same level of detailing, but in reality, it is possible. We all know that the gaming industry is moving very fast, and that’s why the popular gaming company is focusing on mobile gaming development. Like them, a popular gaming company is Electronics Art is also known as EA, which develop the game Apex Legends Mobile, and the mobile version that is coming out is called Apex Legends Mobile.

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Pre-Registration Available For Apex Legends Mobile: apex legends mobile pre register android

Today we will discuss the beta version of this game. Apex Legends Mobile’s Closed Beta has come out for some regions. Close Beta means some special users of that region will be able to access that game, but the open beta of this game is going to be launched very soon. This means that the beta server will be open, and all users of that region will be able to join the game. It’s very exciting news.


You can play this game if you have already pre-registered on the google play store. That’s why we would say that all of you go to the Play Store and pre-register the game. Don’t let that happen that the game Apex legend mobile has available in the play store and you’re still waiting for the game. So far we know that the game may be launched on November 16th. Let’s see how true this is. But as far as we know, the game never launches before the launch date. We don’t have any exact apex legends mobile release date on the calendar yet.

Maybe it will be launched with some delay. It maintains the hype of the game, for which, there is excitement in the minds of the people for the game. It also helps the marketing of the game. This is the delay strategy that EA follows very much. We will tell you to wait for a little because maybe the launch of the game could be a bit late. Apex legends mobile pre-register android hoping soon.


Apex Legends Mobile: Apex Legends Download

In this topic, we will be discussing how can we able apex legends download on our smartphones. There are 4 beta have been released till now and for the Indian region, even close or private beta hasn’t been released yet soon open beta will be released, and there it will be available for the Indian region. If you reside in India and want to play Apex Legend Mobile there is a way to try this game just follow these steps.

  1. First download the game the size of the game is around 1.2 GB after downloading open or launching the game
  2. after opening, you need to download in-game some additional files so make sure to free up phone space.
  3. When all the download process is complete, you can go to the phone’s settings and select Hong Kong on Timezone
  4. if you can’t find the time zone then search by typing time zone on the search bar.
  5. After doing this, you can connect to any Hong Kong server, without a VPN you cant able to play this game.

These are some basic steps of apex legends mobile beta download, In this way, you will be able to play this game by participating in Hong Kong’s Closed Beta server.

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Apex Legends Mobile: Graphics Details, Maps

The graphics of the mobile version will last up to Ultra HD and you can play this game on Ultra frame per second. But our advice is that play the game with a little low graphics this is how everyone plays battle royal games. Here frames per second are more important than game graphics.

All the versions of Apex Legends Mobile have been released as a closed beta, there will be many things that will be added in the open beta that has not been added to the close beta. We will be able to see 3 new maps on Open Beta, there will be a map of the PC version, along with 3 more new maps which will be added on open beta. Those are not present on the PC and console versions. All of these maps were added to Close Beta, but for some reason, these maps were removed from Close Beta.

We think that since the game is in the beta stage now and the developer is still working on it, the game is not optimized yet for that reason all the maps were removed. If we talk about the storage capacity of the game, the data of the whole game is 7.4 GB, including the map. When the game is launched globally, the size of the game will be reduced a lot. There are only a few legends in the Apex Legends Mobile’s Close beta but we hope to see all the legends in the next update of open beta.

Apex Legends Mobile: Open beta Update

Let’s discuss what will be added to the next update open beta

  • New Login Video
  • King Canyon
  • Olympus
  • New Legends
  • New Graphics Setting
  • New Tdm Map
  • New Ui
  • FPP Ranked Push

Character movement speed So far, we’ve seen 4 close beta releases of Apex Legends Mobile. Soon Apex Legends Mobile will be released in open beta or globally.

Apex Community Recently hired a senior community manager named KAREN. She is working on Apex Legends Mobile PC AND CONSOLE version or for the mobile version that’s not fully confirmed yet. But if she works on the mobile version then it is very good news. Because she already has past experience on UbiSoft & Gameloft.

The next open beta may be released on November 16th for all regions, although nothing has been confirmed yet. If the news is confirmed, then hopefully there is no delay but if delayed, we can see the notification on Apex Legends Mobile’s official Twitter page. Apex Legends Mobile’s upcoming conference event will be on November 3rd, maybe after this meeting, we will know the exact date of the next open beta launch or global launch, this is a guess though. We have been hearing lots of fake Apex Legends Mobile.

News flowing around like the Chinese close beta launch and let us clear you that all this news are not true, already a few weeks ago a Chinese beta launched already but only for a few selected players, to be honest, that’s not even true it’s also fake news. Our advice is that there is no need to give importance to this kind of fake news to those who are trying to gain more attention.

So you need to ignore all these rumors and there will be a conference meeting of Respawn on 3rd November, where they will discuss the future of the game, after this meeting, we will be able to know some official news related to the game.

We’ve played a lot in close beta, now it’s the time to play this game in open beta and many of you are as excited as I am. That’s why in early November we are hoping to get some official announcements through the Community Manager. Now you’re wondering about early November means exactly how many days, we think that after this meeting, we can get some news in the first week.

That is why we will say that there is no reason for you to be sad. Because it was all leaked and fake news, no official trailer, social media handle, or open beta news we got from Respawn team, Sadness happens when there is an official announcement and there is a delay after that.

Apex Legends Mobile: Our Opinion

In our opinion 3rd November that the special day for those who are really excited about the launch of the Apex Legends Mobile. Popular Youtuber IMO tweeted that he got some information from leaker that in early November we could get some updated information regarding Apex Legends Mobile through the community manager.EA press conference meeting will also be held in early November. We all hoping that they give us some updates and this time there is no delay.

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