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Welcome folks, we are here with another interesting Android 12 Custom ROM Features topic. Hello how are you all, I hope you all are enjoying your life. We’re back today with a new topic. We love to write, just as you love to read. Today’s article will be very convincing. Because today I will talk about Android 12 aka S. Android 12 Beta 4 version has already been released, maybe many of us are using it. No stable version of Android 12 has been officially released yet.


It has only been launched in the beta version. And I will share my personal experience with you. Because I am also using Android 12 Custom ROM.What is the overall look of Android 12, what features have been added here, what features work properly, and what features do not work, that is, what are the bugs.I will discuss everything with you. Also, after reading the post, if you have any doubt about Android 12, it will become clear.

Since Android 12 has not yet globally launched, it is no longer possible to use it as a stock ROM. For that, we have to rely on our manufacturing company when they update the stable version of Android 12.But we custom ROM lovers know how to install Android 12 on our phones. Now many of you can ask me when Android 12 will be released for their device and from where they will be able to download custom ROM for their phone.Diffrent Between Stock ROM vs Custom ROM

[Custom rom for poco f1]

Listen, there are currently a lot of custom ROMs launched for each device. Thanks to all the hard-working developers who work day and night to create custom ROMs for us for free. There are already a lot of custom ROMs available for all the popular smartphones in the market. But for devices that have not yet released Android 12 Custom ROM, be patient. Maybe the developers are working on your device and sooner you will get Android 12 for your device.

Most of the Android 12 custom ROMs that have come out so far are AOSP based. This means that the overall look of Android 12 is much similar in all custom ROMs. Only Xiaomi, Real Me, One Plus on these smartphone companies the looks of Android 12 will be a little different, as they modify their own ROM.

Android 12 Features

The features of Android 12 are very similar to Android 11 and some of the features are quite different from Android 11. Android 12 has a lot of features that we may never have imagined. One of the features is WiFi and Hotspot. This means that in Android here we can use WiFi and Hotspot at the same time. Moreover, there are many more features that we have discussed below.

android 12 custom rom feature

Notification Panel

The first feature we will talk about is the notification panel. The notification panel of Android Twelve looks a lot like the notification panel of MIY. I mean, a lot like the iPhone. In the notification panel, we will see many customization options. And many menus have been added to the notification panel, from here we can reboot or restart our phone.

android 12 custom rom feature

The brightness slide bar has been made much bolder and thicker. With custom colors, we can change the accent color of the brightness slide bar. This is called Monet Customization. It usually takes the color from our active wallpaper and makes a custom color with that color and applies it to the notification panel as a theme to change its accent color. This means that the active tiles in the notification panel and the brightness slider all become the color wallpaper base.

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Simply put, if the background color of your wallpaper is white, the active tiles of the notification will be white, and if the color of the wallpaper is red, the brightness slide bar of the notification will be red.

Android 12 custom rom features

Lock Screen Style

The lock screen of Android Twelve has changed a bit. The lock screen’s clock animation has been enlarged, which means that it has been made so that we can learn to value time. The lock screen’s animation style has also been changed to Android Twelve. And the lock screen pattern has been made a lot bigger, and it looks a lot prettier.

android 12 custom rom feature


We all know that Google always keeps us secure in terms of privacy. If you’ve ever upgraded to the Android version, you’ll know that we’ve had to update our security patches every time we’ve upgraded software. Security patches usually keep the privacy of our devices up to date.

And Android Twelve has also undergone major changes in privacy. We can see a notification on the upper right side when a feature of the device will be used in the background or foreground. And if an app accesses any feature of the device without our permission, then clicking on the notification shows that it is being used there.

Sometimes some suspicious third-party apps use the features of our device without our permission but we do not understand it. However, in Android 12 we can see which app is using the feature of our device, we can block it if we want.

android 12 custom rom feature

Share Nearby Location

Most of the time when we share a location with someone else we can’t share a nearby location without our exact location. However, on Android 12, we can easily share the nearby location instead of sharing our exact location.

Turn On Wifi & Hotspot 

For those of us who use Android, if we turn on WiFi we can’t use Hotspot also Vice-versa. But in Android 12 we can use these two features hotspot and wifi at the same time. This is a very important update for all Android users.

The UI of Android 12 is completely different if we compare it with Android 11. Android 11 had a lot of funky looks, but the UI of Android 12 is quite simple. Here we do not see colorful icons. But if we want, we can customize it and make it colorful.

Other Android 12 Features

  • Long Screenshot
  • Material UI
  • Recent menu Link Copy
  • One Hand Mode
android 12 custom rom feature

Best Android 12 Custom ROM

Ancient OS

Those of you who have used Ancient OS must know that Ancient OS is the best ROM in terms of customization. This OS has maintained its place in the list of very popular custom ROMs since Android 10. There are no such tile exits that you can’t customize. We can see a lot of customizations on Android 12 also and if you use Ancient OS you will not understand that it’s based on the Android Platform. It gives you feel like whole different level UI. Here you will see a completely different UI.


Like Android 11, we can see a lot of customizations on Android 12 here. The security patch was updated to November 2021. Speaking of ROM features, you can use WiFi and Hotspot both at the same time. Pixel launcher is installed here as the default launcher. Moreover, here we get the option of Adaptive Sound, which boosts the sound of o speaker.

In the display option, we get the Screen Attention feature, which if enabled, the screen will be on standby as long as we are looking at the screen means, the light of the screen will not be turned off. Face Unlock Missing on Security and Lock screen options. But soon we will get Face Unlock on Android 12.And as an additional feature here we get a Live Translate feature. That means we can translate without any third-party app.The main feature of this ROM is customization. Here we can do next-level customization of our phone.

android 12 custom rom feature

Here are some of the things you can customize,

  • 20+ battery icon
  • 6+ Volte Icons
  • Custom colors
  • Accurate Shades
  • Linear Lightness
  • Additional Quick Setting
  • gradient clock style
  • change padding of clock
  • Full-Width Notification
  • 10+ Statusbar Signal Style
  • 5+ Statusbar Data Icon Style
  • Statusbar Padding
Custom rom for poco f1

Lineage OS

Lineage OS is a custom ROM that is very popular these days, like the Pixel Experience. But there was a time when its name was CyanogenMod. Custom ROMs have become so popular because of Lineage OS. It never occurred to us that we used custom ROM but did not install Lineage OS. I don’t know if you know it or not, but the One Plus phones at the time had CyanogenMod free installed. Lineage OS and OnePlus were so popular at the time that they jointly beat the giant Samsung company.

I remember eight years ago I installed the first custom ROM on my phone and that was Cyanogen Mod. It had the Android version of Sandwich.Lineage OS has never been more popular in terms of customization and features. Because of very few futures, we could see in this custom ROM. That was the only minus point of this ROM. But in today’s lineage OS we get a decent amount of features.

As the popularity of custom ROMS continues to grow, we have seen new custom ROMs in the market. Such as Corvus OS, Evolution X, Havoc OS. There are even custom ROMs for dedicated gaming these days, that’s the reason why many people no longer install Lineage OS.

android 12 custom rom feature

We usually use custom ROM in two cases. One is to use the latest Android and security patches on our phones, or for new features and customizations. Recently Linear OS 19 has been released unofficially based on Android 12. There are a lot of bugs out there due to the initial build which makes some features not work properly. But in the official version, I hope the bugs will be fixed. Lineage OS, a little different from AOSP ROM, but looks like AOSM ROM. But we don’t get customization like AOSP ROM.


Pixel Plus 

The Pixel Plus UI is usually found on Nexus phones. Most custom ROM lovers like Pixel Plus ROM. Although there are valid reasons behind it. Here we get the experience of Pure Stock Android. We also get enough useful features. The most plus point is the smoothness in this rom. If you do not like heavy customize ROM then you can install Pixel Plus UI.

What I like most about this rom is the fully lightweight rom in the market. because this rom don’t offer an unwanted feature only useful features are there. Honestly, features are fewer, not as many as other AOSP based ROM, all the features are needly organized here.Recently Pixel Plus UI based on Android 12 has been released. Where we get the December security patch. And like the rest of the Android 12 ROMs, we can use WiFi and Hotspot same time.

We get Android 12 Game Dashboard. gaming is pretty average. But some devices have cast and calling issues on Android 12. now you might be thinking why would anyone use Pixel UI with so many less features, compare to other customs rom. The answer is simple, Security and many more. In many custom ROMs, we encounter security-related issues like Play Store Not Certified and Safety Net Fail. But in Pixel Plus UI ROM by default Play Store certified. Moreover, we can use the banking app effortlessly.

android 12 custom rom feature

 Another plus point is that as soon as the ROM is lightweight, we get system updates in this ROM, which means we can upgrade the ROM directly. This is the biggest plus point.

How To Install Custom ROM

  • The installation process is different for each device, So I give you a basic idea that is the same for all devices
    • Go to Custom Recovery(backup your data)
    • Advanced Wipe[including Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor, Data]
    • Firmware[If needed]
    • Select ROM file
    • Gapps[If required]
    • DFE[if you are on an encrypted device ]
  • Reboot to System


Android 12 is still being developed in the beta stage, so we’ll see a lot of bugs here, depending on your device. But I can say that when the stable version of Android 12 is released, the bugs will be much less. If you test Antutu and Geekbench scores, you might see the scores are much lower. But the performance will be like that of Android 10, 11. Although it is a beta initial version, the ROM is quite stable. And there will be no lag in daily uses.

The UI of Android 12 is simple but quite attractive though. The privacy of Android 12 has been updated so much that even iPhone users might decide to shift to Android, joking though.

 Hope you got a basic idea about Android 12. Also, if you have any doubts, you can let us know by commenting.

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