Among Us Imposter Hack: How To Hack Among Us

Among Us Imposter Hack

Many of us always want to be an Imposter every time in Among Us by using among us imposter hack. So, after lots of research, we have found many ways that we can be an Imposter every time Among Us. In today’s topic, we will share with you How To Become Imposter In Among Us with many tips and tricks that you can use to become always Imposter Among Us. Not every time, but there is an 80% chance of becoming an imposter. These among us imposter hack tricks will definitely work.

Among Us Imposter Hack

Among Us Hack

We have to use an always imposter hack or Among Us hack mod menu android apks to make it work 100%. There are a lot of topics on the internet such as, Among Us always Imposter hack, Among Us hack always Imposter, Among Us hack mod apk mod menu, among us imposter hack. Besides we will also talk about whether these work or not.

But, instead of hacks, we will share a few tricks and Among Us Always Imposter glitches in this topic, by using this we can guarantee that your chances of becoming an Imposter will definitely increase a lot.

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Basic Of Among Us Hack

Now we’re gonna show how to increase you chances of becoming the imposter by among us hack process. Becoming of 100 % imposter every single time not possible but, we come us with few tricks and among us hacks that surely increases your chances of becoming imposter in this game.

  • Always remember to host a new game for more chances of getting imposter when you are the host of the game.
  • To increase your chances to getting imposter for that you need to set the imposter number to max three and set max player to ten.
  • go to customization and select active player color as red, i don’t know why but if you put your skin onto red that helps to increase chances of getting the imposter every single time.
  • Again go to customization and choose hat ans keep rotating the hat until the match starts.

How To Hack Among Us

Among Us Imposter Hack, whether works or not, what we are going to share will definitely work. If you are looking for how to hack among us you are at right place.The first trick is especially for those who love to play on public servers and don’t like host servers at all. There are some basic rules for becoming an Imposter Among Us latest version.

Among Us Imposter Hack

The thing to do with this trick is to choose the top server and then go to Customization before the game starts and change the hats continuously until the game starts. And if this trick doesn’t work for you the first time, you may have to try it a few more times, we assure you that you can be an always Imposter Among Us every time by following these methods.

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Among us hack always imposter using Among Us Always Imposter Glitch

Every popular game has some glitches, and there are many glitches present in this game also. Among Us glitches to get Imposter, by this method easily you can become an Imposter every time in this game by using below this glitch.

Among Us Imposter Hack

among us imposter hack

How To Become among us hack always imposters

Follow These Steps

First of all,

  1. You have to change your name in the game, you have to name it “Fern Devil”.
  2. Then you have to go to the Host option and select two Imposters and press that option until the first two characters are red means the first two Imposters are selected, just like this picture.
  3. Now choose the purple color character and wear the second hat on the bottom row.
  4. Then go to chat and type the word Imposter and wait until any crew member joins the game.

We suggest that if this trick doesn’t work for the first time, then you may have to try the same method a few more times.

If this trick still doesn’t work, change the name to YTPGH6 and tray again.

How To Be Imposter Every Time

In the next few minutes you can become imposter in among us. There is secret code in among us by which you can use to be imposter in this game. It doesn’t matter what device you are playing on either android os ios this trick definitely work for you. First choose a invisible user name for you . Then go to bottom lobby and join a match with only one person, that’s really important, else this trick won’t work for you. Wait till you find a lobby with one person joined. I managed to become always among us imposter using this trick. You can select red character if you want.Thats it for How To Be Imposter Every Time.

Always Among Us Imposter tips for Android

If the above trick doesn’t work for you because often it becomes very difficult to join the first server, that’s where most players join.

Among Us Imposter Hack

This trick is the same as before but here you have to choose a red color instead of purple color, there is the logic behind this Imposters are mostly red. We are sure you’ll get the role of Imposter most of the time.

How To Get Imposter Every Time

If you looking for how to get imposter every time then you are at right place.These tricks will greatly increase your chances of being an Imposter or among us imposter hack. In this trick, we have to choose two impostors and move our character all the time and remember that the color of the character we choose will be red blue or Green is the reason why the chances of becoming an importer will increase a lot. If this trick does not work even after doing this, then restart the game and try again.

Fair Way To Become Imposter In Among Us

Assuming we have joined a match where there are ten players but only one impostor, that means we have only 10 percent chances of being an importer, which means we can be an impostor in one match after playing ten matches.

Among Us Imposter Hack

Most of the time there are two ways to be an Impostor, either we have to play with fewer players or we have to increase the number of Impostors.

To be honest, it’s fun to play with a lot of players. And here the chances will increase a lot, playing with 3 importers means 33 percent chance of becoming an impostor. That means we can be an importer once in every three matches.

Among Us Hack Version

Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter Hack

Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter Hack version usually means one type of Among Us Imposter hack version. Among Us mod apk usually has many menus, using which we can do many things in the game, such as No Kill Colddown, No Door Colddown, Random Color. There are more options to use it in Among Imposter Us hack or mod apps or Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter Hack.

Among Us Mod Menu

That is the Always Imposter Hack using among us hack version, which has the among us mod menu option to enable or disable. And in this way in any match, whether it is online or host server, using this Among Us mod menu apk hack, we can join any server and become an always impostor Among Us hack no ban. Always Imposter mod has a lot of mod menus where there are a lot of new menus. Besides, there are many fake Among Us Imposter hack available you should identify them.


We’ve shared How To Become Imposter In Among Us and among us imposter hack. And all the hacks and tricks that you used to be impostors in this game. We hope you understand how to apply these tricks and hacks. Using these tricks will increase your chances of becoming always an Imposter Among Us by 80%. But if you use the Always Imposter hack then it will be 100% chance to become an impostor.

But in our opinion, it is more fun to play this game as an impostor in Fairway. The fun of the game comes when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. But every time you use such Among Us Imposter hacks, you may become an impostor but your interest in the game may decrease. There are many Among Us Always hacks and Imposter Among Us mod apk available on the internet.

But we never promote such Always Imposter Hacks. You should never use these Always Imposter Among Us hack no ban. You can use glitches in the game if you want, many have been impostors using these glitches. Even we have been impostor following these methods many times. If you like these Among Us Impostor tricks, you can definitely let us know in the comments.

F & Q

1.How To Use Among Us Hack?

Ans.You need to follow the instructions we have given you to use among us hack.

2. How To Hack Among Us ?

Ans.Using some glitches,Or changing your in game name and using among us mod apk always imposter is possible.

3.Among Us Imposter hack available in 2022?

Ans. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

4. how to become imposter in among us ?

Ans. If you follow the methods we have mentioned earlier, you can easily become imposter in among us.

5. How To Get Imposter Every Time ?

Ans. Try incresing imposter number really a effective way to get imposter every time.

6. How To Be Imposter Every Time ?

Ans. you can be imposter every time only by following all the process that we have shared with you.

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