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7 Make Money Online Ideas|Top Earning From Home -Make Money Online and top-earning Ideas for you. If you decide to start your own business should be wow I love this market. your motivation should be this is the right time, this is the trigger for you so always listen to your heart so obvious right but that’s the only thing that takes you through all the problems you gonna encounter when starting your business and these gonna make you successful.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people start their own businesses but while most succeed, many do fail. Do you know Why? because common causes of startup failure are lack of preparation and Self Belive.

make money online ideas

If you want to earn or make real money, you can do it online. The richest people in the world have started making money online once in a while, in this case, age does not matter. Nowadays most of the work is done online, so this is a good time for you to make money online from home.


Three most advantages of Earning Money Online

These are the top 3 biggest advantages of making online money,

  • Freedom Work from home or wherever you want to.
  • Time Once your business is set up, you can build systems so it keeps bringing in revenue — even if you’re traveling on a vacation. 
  • Passive Income Do you know why the richest people in the world are mostly businessmen? It’s because people work for them.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffett

How To Make Money Online From Home

When we were in school we were only taught how to get good grades, but we were never taught how to make money and save them. And money is very important in real life. Because with money we can do the necessary work. You may know that not everything can be achieved with money but nothing is possible without money. And there are many around us who are struggling to make money. That’s why we’ve shared with you some important ways to earn money online that you can use to do it from home.

Audio and Video Transcription

Perhaps many of you are listening to this source of money for the first time and are wondering what transcription is. Let those who do not know that when we transcribe, we need to convert any file from audio or video format to text format. In most cases, you’ll see captions in YouTube videos or in subtitles movies. These are done by transcription. There are a lot of platforms for this job online, the most popular of which is Scribie. There are a lot of popular brands like Google, Netflix, and Oracle that you can work with. Here are some requirements that you must work on, such as

  • Before working on this site, you must verify your personal information and payment method to receive payment while registering.
  • After completing the registration, you need to go through a test there and if you pass the test you can work there.
  • You must be fluent in English and good at listening to English. Since the audio, and videos are in English, you’ll need to convert the text later.


You can start your journey as a FREELANCER because Startup costs are low because all you need is Writing and/or editing experience; a phone and a computer.

Upwork is the right place for a new freelancer?

FREELANCE is a worldwide-based business so the chance of getting a project as a newbie is easier. The reason for free money platform competition is quite high If you can string words together can make decent money. As you are new, you can gain experience by taking low-budget assignments. Upwork and Influence popular platform as FREELANCER. Upwork is one of the greatest sources to earn money fast as a new freelancer.


There are a lot of ways to make money from developing applications for Android. Although we download free apps from the Play Store, app developers make a lot of money online by working as freelancers or earning from ads and in-app purchases.

All you need is Computer programming and software development experience; good ideas for apps. Take advantage of the growth of smartphones and other personal devices by creating “apps” that people will download – either for free or for a fee. Beyond good ideas, you’ll need programming, software development, and design experience. This typically requires at least courses or a degree from a tech school, but – if you’re persistent – you may be able to teach yourself. 

Knowledge of Java, Catlin, Android Studio, and coding is essential to developing applications. However, there are many websites that allow you to create android applications for free, even without any programming or coding knowledge.


 You can start affiliate marketing with zero investment.AFFILIATES work as a recommendation and here’s an example of how affiliates work. A blogger/YouTuber will write/create a video of a review of “Product” and at the bottom, they’ll say, “you can buy that product. This is how affiliate works and  If you click that link and buy the product, the company is going to pay that blogger/YouTuber an affiliate commission. That’s how an affiliate marketer earns money.

The mechanism of affiliate marketing is kind of simple. Three parties are involved in the whole process. In this case, the seller is the first party, the buyer is the second party, and the middleman is the affiliate seller. Who acts as a recommendation here. Commissions from affiliate marketers can be very high and even minimal.

The commission depends entirely on the product. The commission starts from 0.4 percent to 70 percent. Now you’re wondering why affiliate marketers get a 70 percent commission. So, do sellers pay commission to affiliate marketers out of their own pocket?

You’ll understand it if we explain it with an example. Buyers don’t just buy products once, like hosting or trading. Sellers make a profit as long as they have a buyer. So, if sellers only sell the product at a loss for the first time, there is no problem at all. For this reason, affiliate marketers earn a good commission the first time. The most popular money source of affiliate marketing platforms is Amazon.

amazon affiliate program

Why Amazon affiliate network is called Free Money Plant?

There are many reasons for this. Because Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site in the world. Amazon affiliate is really kind of simple and here are some more reasons,

  • Joining Amazon and participating in an affiliate program is honestly easy, you must log in or register to start earning money here.
  • You will then receive an affiliate link to the product.
  • If someone buys the product through this link, you will receive a commission.
  • There are many ways to promote affiliate marketing, such as through blogs, YouTube, and social media.
  • Let’s say you use a product and you really like that product. You can earn money marketing this product with affiliate marketing. Because product reviews are positive for you and shoppers see your reviews and believe in you and buy that product from your link.


A Blogger needs Writing experience and a computer. All you need to get started is a computer and a strong vision for what your blog would include and who the target audience would be. If writing is your passion, or you are excellent at some stuff, and also want to share some important information about it, blogging could be a profitable area for you. Once you’ve mastered the creation of content, you can make money from publishing sponsored posts, third-party ads, or selling your own products, a blog is a great online low business idea. But, if you wanna make money fast, blogging isn’t a money network for you.


Online videos are becoming more and more popular and you can make huge amounts of money. From ad revenue from high-viewed videos and all you need is a camera a phone and an idea. You can make your YouTube account free and publish videos. There is also some terms and condition you need to follow before earning money from youtube and all revenue generated from ads that provide google Adsense. The key to success on YouTube is to find your niche and upload videos about your selected niche.

earn money online from youtube

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How to make money with YouTube.

There are some requirements for YouTube channel monetization:

  • You must have a YouTube channel to make money on YouTube.
  • The channel must be properly customized according to your niche.
  • Your channel must have video uploads. It doesn’t mean you’re uploading a video. In this case, YouTube has some guidelines that you should follow.
  • Uploaded videos must be relevant to the user.
  • The most important factor is having thousands of subscribers on your channel and completing 4000 hours of viewing in a year. Only then will your channel be monetized.
  • Only then do Google advertisers allows ads on your videos.
  • In addition, you must have an AdSense account that adds your income.

These are just some of the basic rules you can use to make money on YouTube. Before you start earning money, you need to have an audience, you should focus on growing your audience. so Then you can earn money fast.

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make money online from fast


If you are an advanced SEO expert or had experience in digital marketing you easily can make money by improving the ranking of a website. Once a website or blog is created and optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) starts, and the search engine marketing (SEM). After writing content our goal is to rank on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and drive more visitors to our blog page. A Professional SEO expert is responsible for successfully ranking a website on Google’s first page or top 3 positions and also they can promote it in a variety number of ways.

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Do you love clicking pictures or passionate about photography? If so, you could make a very nice living for yourself online by selling photos. There are countless people who are willing to pay you good amont of money for your photo. Only you have unique images to offer.  Several online sites like Shutterstock and Fotolia offer you to earn money passively from the photos.

earn money by selling photos

The best way to earn passive income is by selling photos. A lot of us upload photos to social media why not sell those photos and generate some revenue from them. There is a big difference between uploading photos and selling photos. As a bonus tip, all we can say is that you can take pictures of upcoming events and sell them.


It is not a business, its Your Business so Make It Your Own

 Although every type of business has its own special considerations and standard startup needs, don’t forget that the backbone of entrepreneurship is innovation. You don’t necessarily have to follow in the footsteps of other business owners in your industry. Whichever earn money online business idea you choose to pursue, make it your own. Also, step into a new business or find out a better way to serve your audience. 

Online earning money is the only subjective question. That means that the more you work, the more money you can earn. A lot of you think we work but don’t make money. We don’t think you want to work, but that you want to earn money. You should know that learning is the best way to earn. Focus on earning first. Then remove the E of learning.

We Source Guruji always talk about real topics and never promotes any scam topic that could generate between $100 and $200 when you sign up for a website. You have to work, then you can earn money. There is a big difference between making money and make money.

How to make money fast?

If you want to make money quickly, you should focus on passive income or compounding. Only in these ways can we double the amount in a very short period of time.

How to save money?

Look, you have to earn the money to spend it. Hopefully, if you make money from hard work, you won’t mind saving it. If you’re still having trouble saving money, you can invest in trading or on the stock exchange. You can get a good profit from here.

How to earn money from online?

we have already discussed how to make money from home and if you work smarter and go trough patiently, you will have no problem earning money .

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