4 Brain Games Free apps To Improve Memory for kids


4 Brain Games Free apps : Nowadays everyone likes to play games from young to old. Playing games on mobile has become a kind of a trend these days. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the use of mobile phones has increased among people. Due to this pandemic, all activities have become work from home, even studies, classes, and exams are being done on smartphones.


Besides studying, We all play online games to pass free time or to refresh our mood. But we play some games which waste time and also increase our depression. In our opinion, if we have to play games then we should play games that improve our skills and also activate our brain.

4 Brain Games Free apps To Improve Memory for kids

Like our body, the brain is a body part that the more we train it, the more it starts to grow internally. This is why sages advise us to meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. Through this, we can improve the focus level. Today we will discuss some games that will help us improve our skills, brain power, and memory reflex. Below we have discussed some games that are very useful for children.


Best 4 Online Free Brain Games

Brain Dots

The first brain game on our list that we will discuss is Brain Dots. This game increases your brain power and thinking capacity. The basics of this game are quite simple but beneficial for the brain. There are two balls in the game, one is a blue ball and the other is a pink ball. Our goal is to connect these balls together.

free brain mind game for kid

We need to draw lines or shapes to connect these two balls. We need to guess what shape we need to draw to connect these balls together. As we reach the upper level of the game, we have to play with more focus and concentration. Playing this game improves our memory and brain along with our sense of humor.

Brain it On – Physics Puzzles

If you want to enhance your thinking and brain power then we strongly advise you to play this brain game. In this game, we have to solve physics puzzles, but that doesn’t mean only physics students can play the game. Apart from physics students, other students can also play this game. This game has different types of levels and the gameplay becomes more difficult as we reach higher levels. Solving these puzzles increases our thinking level and brain power.

Math games, Math Riddle

math puzzle brain game

Many of you may like puzzle games, but this game is a little different, here we have to solve multiple puzzles. As a result, the accuracy of our math is greatly increased. This game develops our various skills and improves brain power. This is a very good brain game, especially for those who love math subjects.

You Must Escape

It is a popular mind game, which has been available on PlayStation for a long time. Just by hearing the name, you can guess what we have to do in the game. In this game we find ourselves in a locked room, our goal is to collect different clues and solve the clues to find the key.

In other words, the main objective of this game is to get out of a room. Some levels in this game are very challenging. As the game level increases, the game becomes more difficult and challenging. Which increases our quick thinking and improves our ability to guess.


If you want to boost your skills, productivity, and brain power by playing games, then you can definitely play the above games. The purpose of mentioning these brain games is to avoid games that waste our time and play games that improve our skills. Playing these games will increase our focus and concentration on our studies.

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